How Large are Fish Gloves?

Fish gloves sizes differ because companies have varying measurement standards. The common sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Others are one-size-fits all.

Gloves for Fly Fishing

These gloves are utilized mostly in cold settings. By putting them on, your hands will not freeze. However, warm gloves do have drawbacks. Mainly it is that the warmer the gloves, the harder it is to fish.

Ideally, you should not wear gloves; it makes it easier to reel the line in. The problem is that fly fishing is best done in cold environments. For this reason, you have to find gloves that are warm without making fishing too difficult.


Two kinds are used: fleece and neoprene. The fleece is utilized to warm the hands. The neoprene is applied in parts where the gloves get worn out. In some gloves, wool is used rather than fleece.

But if you are fishing in cold weather, gloves made of fleece are more suitable. All of them are made using thick materials. This is necessary so spines and sharp fins don’t injure your hand.

The palm area has pebbled material sewn. This enhances gripping, necessary with slippery fish. The toughest gloves use Kevlar, bulletproof material employed by the police.


Aside from the various fish glove sizes, others have extra features. Some have a smitten end that flips. This will prevent the fingers from getting cold. But this is recommended only for expert anglers. The extra feature makes the gloves bulkier.

The full finger slit gloves are made of neoprene. The entire hand is covered. There are slits for the forefinger and thumb. Compared to fleece and wool, these do a better job of warming the hands.


The gloves should be rinsed with cold water after every use. Be certain to remove all traces of oil, blood and fish entrails. If the odors persist, immerse the gloves in liquid soap and water overnight.

Add some citrus oils. This will remove the smell. If that approach does not work, dip the gloves in a quart of water and a cup of vinegar. Afterwards, rinse the gloves in cold water to eliminate the vinegar smell. Remove any excessive water. Air dry the gloves then store it.

To find the right fish glove sizes for you, try before you buy. Some anglers like fleece while others wool. The choice is up to you. Look in as many stores as possible to find the best deals.

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