What is the Size of a Lemon Squeezer?

Although lemon squeezers perform the same function, the design of these products makes some of them more comfortable to use than others. Depending on the feature, it may be suited for lemons, limes or both.

Dimensions of a Lemon Squeezer: Amco Two in One

The Amco Two in One juicer/ squeezer measures 8.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches. It can juice and squeeze limes as well. For lemons, you just set the dual sided center up. For limes, set the center down. Both processes are done to ensure no seeds are included. Pulp is also removed.

The gadget design is intended to make it easy to use and simple to clean up. The juicer / squeezer is also built to last and made for daily use. Because it is two in one, you get the functionality of two tools in one utility. It also saves space in kitchen drawers.

Dimensions of a Lemon Squeezer: Amco Enameled Aluminum

The Amco Enameled aluminum squeezer measures 8.8 x 3 x 2 inches. The gadget can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It can also be washed by hand. The bowl shape also makes it easier to tidy up after use.

It does not require batteries or electrical power to run. The Amco Enameled aluminum incorporates an easy to use design and ensures pulp and seeds are not included. The Amco Enameled has also been designed to work with even difficult lemons. The way the squeezer is shaped makes handling comfortable even for those with arthritis.

Dimensions of a Lemon Squeezer: Oxo Good Grips 1057962

The Oxo Good Grips 1057962 measures 8.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches. It has no-slip handles that also absorb the pressure so it does not get to your hands. The Oxo Good Grips 1057962 is made of die-cast aluminum.

It also has nonstick coating, and the inner design resembles the traditional juicer for inserting fruits. To use the tool, just put the lime or lemon face down in a container. Squeeze the handles and the extraction process will begin.

The Oxo Good Grips 1057962 can be hand washed or cleaned in a dishwasher. This squeezer can work with small or large lemons and limes. Its ergonomic designs assure the hands won’t get tired from constant usage.

Dimensions of a Lemon Squeezer: Progressive International

The Progressive International measures 9 x 3 x 2 inches. It has a yellow color and is made from die cast aluminum. The squeezer can be cleaned via the dishwasher or hand washed. The enamel coating also plays a role in easing cleanup chores.

Unlike metal, the squeezer does not get oxidized. To use, place half a lemon between the press. Squeeze the handles and the juices will be extracted. The pulp and seeds are excluded from the extraction. The unit is large but light weight. The combination of the two provides power.

The dimensions of a lemon squeezer can affect its squeezing capability. You should also look at the material coating. If the coating is poorly applied, it will wear off when washed regularly.

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