Screen Dimensions of a HDTV

HDTV sizes can start from below 20 inches and go to over 50 inches. HDTVThe following is an overview of the most common sizes used. The features and physical properties described may not be present in all models.

Dimensions of a 52 inch HDTV

These models measure 3.1 x 49.5 x 31.3 inches with a weight of 56.4 lbs. These TVs have a 1080p resolution with inputs for HDMI (four) and the PC (one). Most models also have a couple of composite video inputs and equipped with surround sound speakers.

The 52 inch models from popular manufacturers come with a 240Hz rate and a 2ms response time. The 52 inch HDTV size units also have a dynamic contrast ratio. A lot of HDTVs also let you get feeds and info from the Web.

Most 50 inch and above models come with several bundled extras. These range from games, workout routines to cooking guides. You can also set them up so you can get hold of your PC’s various multimedia files. From your TV, you can browse and download your favorite files. These sets also let you connect a digital camera.

Dimensions of a 40 inch HDTV

The typical measurements for these units are 3.1 x 38.7 x 24.7 inches, with the weight around 32 to 33 lbs. These models have a resolution of 1080p (full HD). The response time is usually 6ms.

Most models also have a game mode to make image processing even quicker. Most TVs, regardless of size, can display Jpeg images; 40 inch HDTVs are no exception.

The 40 inch HDTV size units also have inputs for mp3 HDMI-CEC, USB and PC. These units also come with their own stand. Using the sample dimensions above, the dimensions with the stand will be 38.7 x 26.6 x 10”.

Dimensions of a 26 inch HDTV

Some units come in at 26.8 x 3.8 x 17.9 inches and weigh in at 20 lbs. For these models, 720p resolutions can be considered top of the line. Several models offer contrasts of 13,000 to 1.

The number of HDMI inputs among HDTV sets varies, although a lot come with three. The 26 inch HDTV has one PC input. There are also connections for linking up movie players and game consoles to the TV.

Dimensions of a 19 inch HDTV

The 19 inch HDTV size models typically weigh 13 lbs with dimensions of 8.3 x 18.4 x 15.7 inches. Most units sold have one HDMI input and one PC input. The resolution is usually 720p.

As can be expected, these models don’t have as many connectors or inputs compared with the bigger sets. However virtually all 19” HDTV sets sold allow you to hook up gaming consoles and DVDs to the TV. Some products also have stands. Depending on the model, you may be able to link it up with other modules as well.
The HDTV size and quality vary per product so take your time before deciding what to buy. When buying, the primary consideration is your requirement, not just the price per se.

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