How Long is a Fishing Pole

Fishing is a favorite hobby among people around the world. While commercial fishermen are usually armed with nets, hobby fishermen’s only weapon is a fishing pole.

What is a Fishing Pole?

A fishing pole or a fishing rod, as some calls it, is a tool that fishermen use to catch fish. It is a flexible pole where the fishing line is attached. At the end of the fishing line, you will find a hook where the bait is attached.

A fishing pole and a fishing rod are somewhat similar but they also differ in some ways. A fishing pole is the classic stick while a fishing rod has some mechanisms attached to it, making it even more refined and functional, especially in competition casting.

A fishing pole can be made with anything from the classic bamboo to the more sophisticated fiberglass, graphite, or carbon fiber. They are also commonly used in hobby fishing rather than in competition casting.

How Long is a Fishing Pole?

Like fishing rods, fishing poles vary in size. How long is a fishing pole depends on the needs and requirements of the fisherman. There are sizes available from 2 feet to as much as 20 feet. Longer fishing poles provide bigger advantage in casting.

Today, more modern designs of fishing poles and fishing rods are available. There are those that are just one piece from the butt down to the tip. There are also those that are broken in several pieces. The latter can usually be found with longer poles. The idea of breaking them apart in pieces is to make them easier to store and to transport.

If you are merely a hobbyist fisherman, you can defy the need for a sophisticated pole by making one yourself. The only reason people go for the highly technological rods or poles is because they want to make things easier. But if you like the traditional feel of fishing, the usual fulfillment of catching a fish at the hooked bait, you can easily make your own fishing pole. It isn’t just fulfilling, it also makes your hobby inexpensive.

All that you need to have to make a fishing pole is a piece of bamboo. You may also use other materials such as wooden limbs but bamboo proves to be the best material. The ideal size is about 8 feet but you can easily adjust that length depending on your need. Oh, you must ensure that both ends of the pole is smooth, especially the handle, to prevent splinters and any unsightly injuries in the process.

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