Cultivator Dimensions

Cultivator dimensions are determined by the cutting width. There are many sizes available but the most common are 14 inches and 15 inches. Smaller and larger sizes are also available.

What is a Cultivator?

The term cultivator can refer to specific gardening tools or for an implement that aids in the preparation of soil. Tools that fall under the category of cultivators are those powered by engines, old fashioned hand tools and hand action tools.

The cultivator’s design allows it to get rid of weeds with shallow roots. The tool can also be used for tearing up the surface soil close to the plants. This is necessary for aeration. Many cultivators can combine fertilizer and compost in the soil.

Field Cultivators

Besides the different cultivator dimensions, many varieties of cultivators exist. The ones used in farms are called field cultivators. They are equipped with steel teeth for tearing up the soil.

These cultivators are designed to be pulled by tractors. As the cultivator overturns the weeds, the soil is mixed. The overturned weeds are killed, but they are kept in the soil. This reduces the erosion of the soil.

Disk Cultivator and In-Row Cultivators

The disk cultivator has circular steel blades used for destroying weeds. However it does not leave the material on the surface the way the field cultivator does. The in-row or row cultivator is used for field preparation.

The in-row cultivator is used after harvesting time. These row cultivators are particularly effective in keeping those weeds down. The in-row cultivator also removes the need to use herbicides around the growing season.

Rotary Cultivators

Also known as rotary tillers, these cultivators are used for speeding up the cultivation of portions that are too big for the hand tools. They are also used for areas that are too small for a tractor.

The rotary tillers come with gas engines. Depending on the model, it may have rear tines, mid tines or front tines. The rear tines are the strongest.

Hand Action Cultivators

This cultivator comes with rotating tines connected to the handle. It is used for home garden maintenance. Various models exist, with some having long or short handles.

The cultivator dimensions and types are varied, so you need to choose the one that will best match your gardening requirements. Reading some reviews of these tools may also prove useful. At the very least you will get an idea of how the device works.

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