How Large is a Lobster Cage?

Lobster cage dimensions vary greatly. Small ones are only a couple of feet long, but the bigger models can be 3 feet or longer. The size is determined by the number of lobsters that have to be captured.


Also known as a lobster pot, this portable structure is utilized mainly in lobster fishing. But the trap can also be used for crayfish. The device can hold numerous lobsters.

There is an entryway that will take the crab in a netting tunnel. The pot is composed of two sections, the kitchen / chamber and parlor. The kitchen is where the bait is kept.

This goes into the parlor where the creature is caught. While the lobster cage dimensions differ, they are used the same way. The pot is thrown into the ocean floor. Typically a dozen are thrown down simultaneously. A buoy is used to mark them so they can be gathered later.

Composition and Design

The trap is usually constructed from plastic, wood or metal. The exterior look varies per manufacturer. But the interior look is the same. There is the funnel entryway where the creature can enter but not come out of. From the funnel, the lobster is lured into the kitchen.

The bait is kept there. After the lobsters get the bait, it will attempt to go back out but will not be able to. The lobster will have no choice but to go to the parlor where it will be trapped. The cage has vents so small lobsters can escape. This feature may or may not be present in other designs.

Some cages have a wood frame encompassed by a rope mesh. But most of the new traps in Canada and the US are made of plastic coated steel frames. The bait is kept in the trap. Every trap has a rope hooked to it. A Styrofoam buoy is joined to it.


After the cages are thrown in the water, they are left there for a couple of days. After two days, the fishermen come back. They will put up the cages and measure the lobsters captured.

Only those that are of regulation size can be captured. The regulation size varies per location. You have to make sure only the right lobsters are caught.

The lobster cage dimensions used are very diverse. Only you can decide how big it is going to be. Before you use the cage, make sure that you know the size regulations allowed.

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