What is the Size of a Glass Cutter?

There are several glass cutter sizes to choose from. Some are 0.53 inches long, 2.88 inches wide and 8.88 inches high. Some measure 0.5 x 2.9 x 8.9 in and still others 0.3 x 1.9 x 5.9 inches.

What is a Glass Cutter?

It is a tool used for scoring glass. The tool makes it simple to snap glasses into the desired form and dimensions. Although there are numerous glass cutters, their function is basically the same. Aside from the simple hand tools, there are also huge glass cutting machines used in factories.


If you don’t use a glass cutter it will be very difficult to cut glass without shattering it into smaller pieces. In spite of the different glass cutter sizes, they do the same thing. The tool will score the glass, creating a weak point.

It is at this weak point that the glass will be snapped. By using this approach, the glass can be snapped cleanly along the scored mark. By sanding the edge, the sharpness will be eliminated.

Handheld Glass Cutters

The handheld glass cutter has several components. At one end is the sharp steel disc. This will turn as the cutter is pulled across the glass surface. The weighted ball is on the other end. This is used to tap at the glass lightly, allowing it to break smoothly.

Some models have notches at the side. This can be used to snap a piece off. The notch designs allow the glass to be slid in. The cutter will then be used as the lever.


Glass cutters are simple to use, but some practice is necessary. If the device will be used regularly, lubricating it with oil is recommended. You also shouldn’t put too much pressure on the cutter as it might break.

If you are having trouble keeping the score straight, use a ruler. Wearing gloves and goggles is also a good idea. If you are using the glass, proceed slowly especially with the snapping. There are also some tools available to keep the glass secure.

Other information

The glass cutters used in industries are very different. They are equipped with their own cooling and heating systems. The way the machine is used also varies.

With handheld glass cutter sizes becoming more compact, it has become easier to use them for cutting glass and molding them into different shapes. As long as you practice it and take care of the tool, you will find many uses for it.

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