Teddy Bear Dimensions

Teddy bears function more than just being toys to kids. They can also be stuffed toy decors in rooms or cars. They enhance love and warmth for kids’ character molding. They help comfort tots especially when putting them to sleep. Teddy bears sometimes even give them a sense of security. But these effects are often dependent on proper stuffed toy proportions to make teddy bear dimensions suited to kids’ tastes and preferences.

The Right Stuffed Toy look

Stuffed toy proportions should make teddy bear dimensions quite appealing to kids. These toys should appear cute and desirable to hold, caress, and even sleep with in bed. It’s not important that they be exact replicas of bears, with toes and claws and fangs. They are not designed for children’s education but for appeasing their emotions. Hence, it’s enough for teddy bears to have short cylindrical arms and legs with no hand and foot details.

The Head

Teddy bear dimensions detailing the head should add up to a round or oblong shape. The best proportion is a big circle or oblong, a bit flat, with a smaller circle or oblong attached making up the mouth. Two smaller oblongs are also attached to the upper right and left corners of the bigger oblong to serve as ears. Some use big and small diamond shapes for the purpose. These are the proper stuffed toy proportions for a cute teddy bear head. Squares or rectangles will not do. Eyes are often of round buttons, and the mouth of embroidered material. A tip here is to make the ears and mouth of different colors from the head proper.

The Body

Teddy bear dimensions where the body is concerned should be in proportion to the head size. It should be slightly bigger than the head and somewhat square with obviously rounded ends. Making a circular body would make it appear more of a pig, a cylindrical body, a dog. No neck provision should be made. Necks would reduce the cute quality of bears. Attach the head directly to the body for a plump bear effect. Arms and legs should be short and cylindrical in shape. The legs should be just slightly longer than the arms.

As Decorations

Teddy bears as car decors are generally smaller to fit dash boards. As hang-ons clinging to the overhead rear view mirror, they should be made much smaller. Dash boards stuffed toy proportions should have the following teddy bear dimensions, more or less: four or five inches in height and 3 to 4 inches in width, including arm and leg length. For hang-ons, they should be proportionate to the usual key chain sizes.

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