Sizes of E-Book Readers

The following is a comparison of the sizes of e-book readers. There are several kinds of readers, but this guide can give you an idea of the dimensions of the most popular ones. These are also known as an e-book device.

Comparison of E-Book Reading Devices

The Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi 3G has a 6 inch screen size and weighs 247 g (8.7 oz). The screen pixel is 600 × 800 pixels. The internal storage is 4 GB (3 GB). Barnes & Noble’s Nook reader has a 6 inch screen size and weighs 245 g (8.6 oz). The screen pixels are 600 × 800. The capacity is 2 GB.

The Bookeen Cybook Opus has a 5 inch, 600 × 800 pixel screen. It weighs 150 g (5.3 oz) and has a capacity of 1 GB. Condor Technology’s eGriver Touch sports a 6 inch screen with 600 × 800 pixels. It weighs 240 g (8.46 oz). The device has a 2 GB capacity.

Facts about E-Book Devices

An electronic reading device is capable of reading newspapers, books and text in digital format. Based on the sizes of e-book readers given earlier, it becomes apparent that they are portable. All of them are wireless.

These devices are capable of storing hundreds or thousands of electronic books. There are also public libraries that offer their books in formats that e-book devices can read.


Most readers have 6 inch screens. However, there are some devices with 9 inch screens. The screens can be touchscreen or controlled by buttons. These readers have special displays that make them easy to read.

These displays are different from the LCD used in some computer monitors. The displays on electronic book readers use white and black microcapsules to produce high resolution displays with high contrast.

Other Information

The number of books these devices can read will depend on the memory size. The smallest have a 1 GB capacity. This is sufficient to hold thousands of books. Keep in mind though, that these readers support varying formats.

However, all of them support txt and PDF. Some of the more recent readers have flexible screens. These readers also have more advanced features including zero power mode.

The sizes of e-book readers are only going to increase. This will make it easier for people to store and read books. This will allow people who are traveling to carry more. Instead of packing several tomes, you just carry a single reader with lots of reading materials.

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