Coconut Grater Sizes

Coconut is a delicious addition to many recipes. Although preparation could be pretty challenging, the result is always delectable. The good news is that there are available tools and gadgets that you could use to make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. We are obviously talking about coconut graters in this case.
Coconut Grater Sizes
Coconut grater sizes vary widely. They are available in different forms to suit every kind of requirement. We are not just talking about the actual size of the tool here but the size of the grater itself.
You see, you may need coconut in many different ways. If you are to use its extract or the coconut milk, you will have to use a fine coconut shredder. You also need fine blades if you are using coconut meat for decorative purposes. If you need the meat to be a lot thicker, you can also find a coconut grater with a wider blade.
Many kitchen experts find it more convenient to own a hand coconut grater as opposed to an electric powered one or even that unit that comes in a form of a wooden stool. Hand graters, sized at 6 inches long or sometimes even longer, are very easy to use. Aside from that, they also require very little storage. That speaks for a lot of plus points.
How to use a Coconut Grater
The key to choosing which type or size of coconut grater is actually in determining what you need for you recipe. When that has been decided it is time to take a simple tutorial on how to use the coconut grater and how to prepare the coconut for grating or shredding, whichever you need.
* The first step is to free your coconut with its water. You would not want to waste the tasty coconut water so you just cannot slice open the coconut and let it flow. You can pick at least two of the three holes you can find by using a sharp tool such as an ice pick.
* After making sure that you have saved the water, you can break open the coconut using the back of a cleaver. Using the backside will help you crack the shell and pull it open.
* Now that the coconut is already open, you can choose the size and type of grater or shredder to use. Make sure than when you scrape the meat off the shell, you are careful not to scrape the shell along.

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