Dimension of a Compass

A compass is a device used for determining geographic location. These gadgets are ideal for hikers and people who love outdoor adventures. These devices have different features.

Dimensions of a Compass: Hobby Tools Supply Compass

The Hobby Tools Supply compass measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches and weighs 4.l2 ounces. The unit has a classic military design. It comes with green powder coating.

There is an aluminum casing. The increments are in two degrees and the dial makes it simple to read. The durable design means the unit can be used in various kinds of weather. The durable compass can be adjusted easily.

The compass is designed to fit all kinds of windshield and dashboard sizes. The tool is made for use when on the road. The dial floats in a liquid chamber. The top cover lens can be set precisely on the map.

Dimensions of a Compass: Rothco 407

The Rothco 407 compass measures 17 X 5.9 x 2.1 cm and is set on an aluminum cast. The casing keeps the unit safe from any bumps that it may receive when hiking or camping. The unit is liquid filled and designed to give precise readings.

The Rothco 407 compass comes with neon features so it can be read even during the night. The neon light means you can read it even without using a flashlight. The Rothco 407 comes with declination adjustment as well as a bearing line. The unit is ideal for use with a map.

Dimensions of a Compass: SE 2" Brass Compass

The SE 2" brass compass weighs 1.9 ounces and comes with a luminous ring. The compass is precision engineered so it points to north with pinpoint accuracy. The luminous feature makes it easy to use the device during the night.

There is a luminous dot at the needle’s north tip. The SE 2" brass compass is liquid filled, making for reliable reading. The brass casing gives it a solid feel, so it can be used anywhere and as often as necessary. The device is ideal for use when hiking or when you go camping.

Dimensions of a Compass: Suunto A-10

The Suunto A-10 compass measures 2.2 by 3.5 inches and weighs 5 ounces. The compass is made for use in various settings and locations. The unit is engineered to provide accurate information. It is also durable, made from scratch resistant acrylic.

The Suunto A-10 is also comfortable to hold due to its ergonomic design. The compass also comes with a fixed declination correction scale. There is also a lanyard snap lock that lets you remove the unit from the lanyard with ease.

This compass is ideal for camping and also for teaching kids the basics of compass reading. The compact size makes it a good fit in the pocket.

A compass is an indispensable tool for hikers. Even if you do not consider yourself the outdoor going type, it pays to know how to use one and have one. You never know when this knowledge will become useful.

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