What is the Deepest Ocean?

The deepest ocean trench is the Mariana Deepest OceanTrench in the Pacific Ocean. It is 10,911 meters (m) or about 35,797 ft. It is about 6.78 miles (mi). The others are indicated below.

Other Ocean Trenches

The second deepest is the Tonga Trench also at the Pacific Ocean. It is 10,882 m (or 35,702 ft; 6.76 mi). The third deepest is the Philippine Trench in the Pacific (10,882 m, 35,702 ft, 6.76 mi). At fourth spot is the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench also in the Pacific Ocean. It is 10,500 m (or 34,449 ft; 6.52 mi).

At fifth spot is the Kermadec Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Its lowest point is 10,047 m / 32,963 ft / 6.24 mi. The Japan Trench also in the Pacific is the sixth deepest ocean trench in the world (9,000 m, 29,527 ft or 5.59 mi).

The Puerto Rico Trench is the seventh deepest. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is 8,605 m or 28,232 ft / 5.35 mi. The Yap Trench in the Pacific is 8,527 m deep. That’s about 27,976 ft or 5.30 mi.

At the ninth spot is the South Sandwich Trench located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 8,428 m (27,651 ft, 5.24 mi). The tenth deepest ocean trench is the Peru Chile Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It is 8,065 m (26,456 ft; 5.01 mi).

Ocean Trenches: 11th to 16th Places

The Diamantina Trench in the Indian Ocean is the 11th deepest at 8,047 m (26,401 ft or 5.00 mi). At 12th spot is the Romanche Trench in the Atlantic Ocean, which is 7,760 m (25,460 ft; 4.82 mi). The Cayman Trough in the Caribbean Sea is the 13th deepest at 7,686 m (25,238 ft; 4.78 mi).

The Aleutian Trench in the Pacific Ocean is at 14th place. It is 7,679 m (that is equal to 25,194 ft or 4.77 mi). The Indian Ocean’s Java Trench is at 15th spot. The depth has been measured at 7,455 m (24,460 ft; 4.63 mi). The Eurasian Basin in the Arctic Ocean is the 16th deepest ocean trench. It is 5,450 m (17,881 ft or 3.39 mi).

Notes on the Mariana Trench

The trench itself is 2,550 km (1,580 mi) in length. It is 69 km (43 mi) wide. The trench is actually the point where two plates meet (the Pacific Plate and the Marian Plate). The pressure has been estimated at 108.6 megapascals (15,750 psi). This is more than a thousand times the normal pressure at higher sea levels.

The Mariana Trench is so deep that if Mount Everest were put inside, there would be 6,800 ft (2,076 m) over the mountain’s peak. It is still uncertain if there are any species that can live at this level.

Although some fish have been reported, none of these claims have fully verified. Besides the Challenger and Challenger II, the bathyscaphe Treste has also explored the trench’s depths.

The deepest ocean trenches have been measured using sophisticated equipment. Although their depth has been recorded, much still remains to be discovered.

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