Optical Gun Sight Dimensions

Gun sights or scopes can be used to improve your shooting. These products have many features and are designed for use with various weapons.

Optical Gun Sight Dimensions: Pistol Compact 5mw Red Laser Sight

The Pistol Compact 5mw Red Laser Sight has a spot size of 5/16" at 7 yards and 3/4" at 25 yards. It has a T6 aluminum makeup and tested for the 9mm, .45 caliber, .40, .357 and all other pistol calibers. It is for Weaver, Mil-Spec and Picatinny style rails (the minimum rail is 1.75").

The wavelength is 635 nm (red/orange). The unit can be adjusted for the elevation and windage. The operating temperature is 10 degrees F – 130 degrees F. The unit is robustly built, so it will not come off even if the recoil is strong.

Optical Gun Sight Dimensions: 4×30 Tactical Scope AR15

The 4×30 Tactical Scope AR15 has a 4 x 30 rifle scope and a AR15 flat top riser. A one strobe function flashlight is included as well as a low tri-ring. A weaver base laser light is included in the unit too. It sports a black finish.

The tube diameter is 1 inch long and 7.68" wide. The weight is 7.77 oz. The eye relief is 3.15"-2.75" inches. The reticle cross hair measures 30 mm D, 0.95" H. The base is 5/8".

The material used is aluminum. The unit uses 2 x 123 batteries. It weighs 4.6 oz without the batteries and 5.8 oz with them. The entire gross weight is 10.5 oz.

Optical Gun Sight Dimensions: Combat Optical 4×30 Scope

The 4×30 scope by Combat Optical sight weights 5 oz. The mount length is 11.1 inches. The unit comes with a tactical weaver base mount and red laser sight. The body measures an inch in diameter. The head diameter is 1.6 inches.

The flashlight comes with strobe capability. The LED is 3 watts and 350 lumens. The lifetime is set at 20,000 hours. This scope is designed for the M4, M16 or AR15.

The magnification is 4x while the objective diameter is 30 mm. The eye relief is set at 3.15"-2.75". The insert is 1". The material used is aluminum.

Optical Gun Sight Dimensions: Barska 1×30 IR M-16 Electro Sight Riflescope

The Barska scope has a 1x magnification and the objective lens is 30 mm. The exit pupil is 23 mm and the reticle is a red IR cross. The view is 54 feet at 100 yards.

The length is 6 inches and the total weight is 12 ounces. There is no limit to the eye relief. It comes with a lens cloth and the needed battery. This riflescope is made for rapid shooting.

The objective lens can be taken off. There is also a 7 pt reticle illumination adjustment. The lenses are specially coated to keep glare to a minimum.

The optical gun sight dimensions and specs will differ greatly per device. Make sure you understand the specs totally before buying the unit. Also check the warranty length; this will vary per product.

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