Lawn Aerator Sizes

Lawn aerator sizes may differ, but 40” lengths are quite common. There are also some aerators that are 42 inches or longer.

What is a Lawn Aerator?

The lawn aerator is a device used for making holes in the surface of your lawn. This will permit the soil to shift and move more effectively.

This is necessary because the compressed oil can make it hard for earthworms to perform their work. This can lead to thatch accumulation. By loosening the soil, air can get through. The act of taking away plugs of dirt to improve movement within is known as aerification.

Benefits of Aerification

Aerification makes it possible for water and nutrients to get to the roots. This also allows the oxygen levels in the soil to grow. The actual aeration can sever the grass roots but the grass will stimulate the roots. This will get the holes filled and produce a new habitat.

Handheld and Powered Aerators

Even though the lawn aerator sizes differ, they also share some common features. Today, handheld lawn aerators include the sod-coring tool and spading fork. These devices allow you to aerate the lawn using your hand.

However, bigger areas will need simpler aeration methods. In some cases, the powered aerator will be required. Many of these powered aerators can be bought or rented.


It is a good idea to seed the yard if using the lawn aerator. If you seed quickly after the aeration, the seeds that end up in or close to the aerator will grow healthier compared to those that end up between the holes.

Aeration has to be done either in the fall or summer. The cool season grasses are best aerated during the fall. The warm season grasses have to be aerated during the summer. Keep in mind that lawn aerators have to be used when the soil is moist. Undesirable results will be produced if the soil is too dry or too wet.

It is easy to determine if the lawn needs aerating. If a screwdriver slides in the lawn easily, aeration is unnecessary. If there is resistance, aeration will be needed.

Before you buy, make sure to assess what lawn aerator sizes and types are required. These aerators are available online. These aerators are sold at vastly differing prices so have a good look around. Lawn aerator shoes may also be useful and make aerating more comfortable.

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