How Big is a 4 Month Old Fetus

The fourth month of pregnancy is a very exciting time for the mother. This is the time when moms would begin to feel the movements of their baby and as the baby moves, mothers may see parts of their belly protrude, indicating that the baby is moving.
By the fourth month, mothers are now entering their 2nd trimester of pregnancy. By this time, significant changes in the baby’s physical appearance become visible. 
How Big is a 4-Month Old Fetus?
A 4-month old fetus will become a bit longer and will have gained a little bit of weight. At the end of the 4th month, the baby will now be about five to six inches in length or approximately thirteen to fifteen centimeters long.
The baby’s weight on the other hand, will now be about five ounces which is roughly about one hundred and forty grams; or approximately 0.147 kilograms.
Baby’s Development
At the end of the 4th month, a very significant and noticeable change in the baby is that it will have lost its tail which now makes him look even more of a tiny person living inside the mother’s womb.
During the 3rd month, parents may have noticed that the baby’s head is not proportionate to his body. By the 4th month, the head will have decreased in size and will now be more proportionate to his body size.
Fingernails will now become more prominent and the baby will now be mostly covered in fine hair which is medically known as lanugo. You will also see significant changes on the baby’s face, where it starts to become more defined – growing eyelashes and brows; and the outer ears will become more developed as well.
The baby will now begin to hear sounds and mothers may start to feel their baby “reacting” to certain sounds, particularly the mother’s voice. 
Being so much more like a tiny person now, fetuses by this time will also begin to sleep, wake-up, swallow and may occasionally kick.
Mother’s Changes
By the 4th month, it may no longer be possible to hide a mother’s pregnancy as the belly will now be a bit bigger and the waistline by this time, will be non-existent. Quickening or feeling the baby’s movements is experienced at this stage.
Majority of pregnant women will now also experience an increase in appetite any may experience occasional food cravings. The mother’s energy level will likewise increase by this time, feeling a bit more like their normal selves in contrast to the always-tired-and-sleepy phase during the 1st trimester.

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