Wire Cutter Sizes

Wire cutter sizes differ. There are also 4 1/2 inch cutters, 5 inch, 6 1/2 inches, 6 1/4 inch cutters and so on. Most wire cutters sold today also have strippers included.

What are Wire Cutters?

These are tools used for cutting wire. Numerous designs are available, and this has an effect on the wire they can handle. Most hardware stores and shops have different wire cutters.

These are used by jewelers, technicians and electricians. They are also found in many toolboxes in homes because they are extremely handy. Wire cutters are also called diagonal pliers.


While wire cutter sizes vary, they are similar in design to pliers. The difference is that the wire cutter has sharpened edges rather than grips. These are used to cut through wires.

The larger and heavier the cutter, the heavier the wire gauge it can handle. These cutters also have insulated handles. The wire cutters with wire strippers are those used by electricians.


The most basic variant just cuts wires. The flush cut wire cutters are used when the cut has to be as near the edge as possible. The design allows the cutter to be set against the object so it can be snipped easily.

The bezel wire cutters are similar, but they produce a different edge on the snipped wire. These are the ones used by jewelers.

The heavy duty wire cutters are used in various industries. These cutters are used for slicing heavy gauge wire. These wires are often included in rescue kits. This allows the responders to slice through the wires in the event of an emergency.

These heavy duty cutters come with thick insulated handles. These make the cutters easier to grip. As they are made for cutting thick wires, some physical effort is required to use them.

Safety Tips

You should wear protective goggles before using the wire cutter. This will prevent injuries caused by metal bits flying off. Safety glasses will do, but some prefer to don face shields. You can also protect your hands by wearing gloves. Remember to pull, not push when cutting. Make sure also that the wire teeth are clean. Remove any grease or oil on the cutter.

Unless you are an electrician, you probably use one or two wire cutter sizes. However, it is better to have different types of wire cutters with you. You cannot force a wire cutter on wires it isn’t made to handle, so having various types around is handy.

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