Sizes of Audio Books

The audio book sizes are nearly as diverse as the topics they cover. Many of those sold online have dimensions of 5.9 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches, 5.8 x 5.1 x 0.6 inches or thereabout. But some are quite bigger than these. But just like other electronics, the trend is towards compact sizes.


As the name makes clear, these are tomes recorded and read aloud. One can listen to them on a player. Many of these items are available in audio cassettes and CDs. Several of these have numerous books or stories included in each package.

Benefits for the Handicapped

These talking books are most useful for the visually handicapped. These are also ideal for those who don’t have the time or not inclined to read. These books are sold in different formats. Some units need a special player, and this is usually provided with the book.

Many of these players are made especially for those who cannot or have difficulty reading. The devices allow them to play and listen without any help.

CD Technology

CDs have helped audio books immensely. Data compression has made it possible to produce large audio book sizes. A single disc can store more information than ever before. Majority of audio book players can play audio CDs as well.

Other Applications

These books are also used by travelers. Because of their compact size, you’ll be able to use them when on a train, airplane, in the bus etc.


Some of these books feature actors doing the voice over. Others are read like a play. The characters are voiced by different actors. Some even have sound effects to improve the listening pleasure.

Testament to its popularity is they are being included in book clubs. Many are also now being offered for subscription service like traditional books. Many of them are also now being sold on the Internet.

Other Information

These audio books are most easily purchased on the Web. One of the advantages of buying the material there is you can read some reviews first. Make sure you buy only from reputable sites. This way you can be assured of the quality. The costs of these items can vary depending on where you buy.

For those who have never read them before, the audio book sizes and style may seem strange. But it is actually very handy. For those times when you are too tired to read, you just plug them in and listen to your favorite novel.

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