Shipment Container Size

The dimensions listed below are for four types of shipment containers (also called shipping containers or freights). The dimensions specified here are the de facto standards; however there may be deviations in the units made by various companies.

Shipment Container Size: Platform

The inner dimensions of the 20’ platform are 19’11" L x 8’0" W x 7’4" H (in metric terms this is equal to 6.058m x 2.438m x 2.233m). The tare weight is 6,061 lbs / 2,750 Kg. The maximum cargo is 52,896 lbs / 24,000 Kg.

The specifications for the 40’ platform containers are as follows: 40’0" L x 8’0" W x 6’5" H (12.180m x 2.400m x 1.950m in metric terms). The tare weight is 12,783 lbs or 5,800 Kg. The cargo capacity is 86,397 lbs or 39,200 Kg.

Shipment Container Size: Flat Rack Collapsible

The dimensions of the flat rack collapsible 20’ are as follows: the inside length is 18’6" (5.618m), while the inside width is 7’3" (2.208m) and the inside height is 7’4" (2.233m). The max cargo is 61,117 lbs (about 17,730 Kg). The tare weight is 6,061 lbs or 2,750 Kg.

The flat rack collapsible 40′ is 39’7" / 12.080m long, 6’10" / 2.126m wide and the height is 6’5" or 2.043m. The tare weight of the flatrack 40’ collapsible is 12,081 lbs (equal to 5,800 Kg). The cargo maxes out at 85,800 lbs (or 39,000 Kg). 

Shipment Container Size: Reefer

The reefer 20’ measures 17’8" L x 7’5" W x 7’5" H (5.425m x 2.275m x 2.260m). The door width is 7’5" / 2.258m and the height is 7’3" / 2.216m. The capacity of the 20’ reefer is 1,000 Cu Ft (or 28.3 CBM). The tare weight is at 7,040 lbs or 3,200 Kg. The cargo limit is 45,760 lbs / 20,800 Kg.

The reefer 40’ inside dimensions are 37’8" L x 7’5" W x 7’2" H (11.493m x 2.270m x 2.197m). The door measures 7’5" W x 7’0" H (2.282m x 2.155m). The capacity of the reefer 40’ is 2,040 Cu Ft (57.8CBM). The tare weight is 10,780 lbs (4,900 Kg). The cargo capacity is at 56,276 lbs / 25,580 Kg.

Shipment Container Size: Flat Back

The inside dimensions of the flat rack 20’ are 18’5" L x 7’3" W x 7’4" H (5.620m x 2.200m x 2.233m). The tare weight is 5,578 lbs / 2,530 Kg. The maximum cargo is 47,333 lbs or 21,470 Kg. The flat rack 40’ specs are as follows. Length: 39’7" / 12.080m; width: 6’10" / 2.438m and height: 6’5" / 2.103m. The tare weight is 12,081 lbs or 5,480 Kg. The max cargo is 85,800 lbs or 39,000 Kg.

Note: the 20’ and 40’ sizes are also used for other containers like the high cube, standard and open top. Again, actual dimensions may be a few millimeters short or long.

These shipment container sizes have proven to be the most useful and practical for transporting a variety of materials. In special cases however, companies resort to custom made boxes to carry certain items.

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