Dimensions of a Slasher

The dimensions of a slasher will depend on the brand. Many of them though, are around two to three feet long. The thickness of this garden tool also varies. 
The tool has a sharp blade utilized for clearing scrub. The blade has an open face and long handle. This allows one to use it for removing bush, be they thick or thin. The tool can be quite useful if an axe cannot do the job. 
How to Use the Tool
For scrub clearance, hold the tool with your hand at the heel. The other hand should be halfway by the shaft. The tool can then be swung at a wide arc. This will place the hand by the shaft. It will join up the hand on the heel as the swing ends. 
Conserving Energy 
No matter what the dimensions of a slasher are, the key is the swing momentum. Momentum is more vital than the person’s energy. When using the tool, never handle the tool with one hand only. Keep them on the shaft. Avoid swing hanging on the shaft’s end using a single hand. This tool can be hazardous if not handled properly. 
Advice for New Users
Energy conservation is necessary. You can do this by using regular swings. Do not swing too hard; it can tire you very quickly. A common mistake among novices is wearing gloves. Don’t; it will lessen the handle’s grip. Safety glasses, however, have to be worn. This will keep the wood chips and other debris away from your eyes. 
Safety Precautions
When using the tool, ensure you are 16’ / 5 m distant from other individuals. This distance is the minimum required. If you are using the tool for the first time, take your time. Some would recommend having a seasoned individual alongside. 
Tips and Warnings 
Do not utilize the tool downhill. Don’t attempt to use the garden utility if it is raining. When carrying the tool, it should be set at an angle. The blade must always be pointing down. Regardless of the dimensions of a slasher, the blade must be sharpened. If the blade is blunt, work will be much harder. 
Another problem when working with blunt blades is it may bounce. If this happens, it may hit you. The blade can be sharpened using tools designed for it. If you don’t know how to sharpen it, get someone to help you. 

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