Commodes Sizes

The average toilet or commode size is 19” x 28” in the United States. However, the size is just one aspect that a buyer has to consider. The following factors have to be addressed as well.

The Toilet Shape

The main options are the round front and elongated bowl. The round front is a couple of inches shorter, so many prefer the elongated bowl. Another advantage of the elongated bowl is drips occur less frequently.

However, the two shapes do come in various widths and lengths. You have to pick the size that you are comfortable with. Aside from the commode size, you have to assess the rough-in space. This is how far the middle of the toilet bowl is compared to the wall. This will determine the dimensions of the toilet.

The Toilet Trapway Size

This is the part where the water and waste go through. The smallest diameter should be 1 ½ inches. Consider getting a larger trapway to avoid clogging difficulties.

One and Two-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets are cheaper. The bowl and tank are joined after the installation of the toilet. The one piece toilets are seamlessly joined together. They are more compact, ideal for those with limited space. Although more expensive than two-piece toilets, they are easier to clean up.

Maintenance Features

Some toilets have a ceramic glaze to limit the growth and spread of bacteria. Others come with a toilet liner to keep moisture from building. Some toilets also come with built-in bidets, warm air drying systems and heated seats. There are also toilets with high seats so people are more comfortable.

Differences between the Commode and Toilet

Many people use commode and toilet interchangeably, as they perform the same functions. Technically speaking, there is a difference however. A commode can refer to a box like structure which has a seat placed over a bedpan.

Also, commodes are portable. They are not connected to the sewer or water lines. By comparison, the toilet is deemed more of a permanent fixture. If you want to be precise, a toilet is the tank and water flushed bowl. The commode is the structure with a bedpan and a dry container or receptacle.

But for all intents and purposes, this distinction has blurred. Portable or not, most people would refer to the thing as a toilet. But if you are really looking for commode sizes and types, the Internet has several sites where you can get them.

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