Grinding Machine Size Guide

Grinding machine sizes and specifications are set according to the task they are assigned to do. Some have wheel sizes of 300 x 25 x 25.40 mm while others have wheels measuring 200 x 25 x 19.05. Other wheel dimensions can be custom made.

Facts about the Grinding Machine

These machines are used in industries to grind various kinds of materials including metals. Although there are variations, they will invariably have an abrasive wheel. Since there are different machines available, you will need to get familiar with the variants currently out there.

Kinds of Grinding Machines

These are the major types of grinders manufactured today. There are other types, but these are the most commonly used.

The gear cutters are utilized for machining, forging, casting and hobbing different materials. The cylindrical grinders are best used on work pieces (the object being worked on) with a central rotation axis.

For grinding intricate shapes, the jig grinding machine is preferred. The machine is also utilized for projects that require accuracy. These are available in various grinding machine sizes.

Surface Grinders and Other Variants

The surface grinder performs the work on the object’s surface. The objective is to make it smooth. The bench grinder on the other hand, is used for grinding tools like the lathe. The bench grinder can also perform other tasks. The belt grinder is used for finishing, stock removal and breaking edges.

Considerations for Buyers

First of all, make sure the grinder you buy can be used on the work piece. Different grinders work on different materials. A gear cutter can be used on various plastics, wood and metals.

However, a belt grinder is best used for metals. The bench grinder is suited only for soft materials like aluminum. You need to make sure the grinder is fit for the work piece.

Vital Specifications

These include the wheel size and the input power. The no-load speed, the frequency and the volt rating have to be assessed too. The controls utilized for the grinding head have to be addressed too.

The spindle type (horizontal or vertical) has to be accounted for as well. You will also have to choose between a CNC controlled and hand-run machine.

Aside from the grinding machine sizes, the flexibility of the unit has to be considered. If you work with different materials, pick the one that can handle assorted materials. This machine type can save you time and money.

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