Latex Gloves Size Chart


Latex gloves are used in medicine because they offer excellent protection against infections. They also offer doctors protection from complications arising from blood and blood exposure. 

Latex Gloves Size Chart

The sizes used are XS, S, M, L and XL. XS is 7 inches, and S is equal to 7-8 inches. The M size measures 8-9 inches and the L is 9-10 inches. The XL size is 10 inches. 

While these sizes are common, some manufacturers may have their own measurements. Also keep in mind that a size M from company A and company B may not feel the same to you. This is because of differences in the way they were made. 

There are two kinds of latex gloves: the exam and surgical. The surgical gloves have more precise sizing. They are also made according to a higher standard. 

How to Clean Latex Gloves 

Latex gloves used in medicine are disposed of after being used. But latex gloves are also worn at hone when handling food or making arts and crafts. In these instances, you will want to reuse them. These instructions are suitable regardless of the latex gloves size. 


Lint-free towel 


Dish soap 

Step 1

Put the container in the sink. Fill it with water. Put dish soap in the water. Add as many as needed until the water turns soapy. One or two teaspoons of soap should be sufficient. 

Step 2

Turn the gloves inside out. Put the gloves in the container. Press them until the air has dissipated. Make sure the gloves remain under the water. 

Step 3

Immerse the gloves for ten minutes. Afterwards, rinse the gloves using warm water. Use the lint towel to dry the gloves. Dry the gloves tightly so the extra water is removed.

Step 4

Do not use the gloves until they are completely dry. The latex gloves size will determine how long they take to dry. 


Natural rubber latex gloves must not be used when you are working with oil based substances. Nor should they be used when handling solvent cleaners. These chemicals will go through the rubber and damage them. 

Some latex gloves have also been reported to cause allergies. The use of powdered latex gloves in medical operations may also cause problems. 

Latex and Vinyl Gloves

Gloves made from vinyl are not as stretchy as latex. Nor are they as flexible. This means they cannot be used for tasks that require delicate handling. Heavy use of vinyl gloves will also cause them to deteriorate. These also don’t have enough protection against blood based pathogens. 

Vinyl is also not that effective against infections from HIV. Latex gloves also offer more protection than nitrile. Nitrile offers some protection but the threat of allergy cannot be discounted when using it.

The fact that the latex gloves size for the surgical type is precise shows how important its dimensions are to surgery. But for home use, you need not be too specific. As long as it fits your hand, it should be all right. 

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