Biggest Pimple

We all know that a pimple can destroy all your efforts of looking beautiful just like that. It can instantly turn you into a miserable, social leper that you just would anot want to go out. People who see you will only look at your zit. It can ruin the best impression you have worked out for, especially with a special date or even an important job interview.
That’s why we are all so concerned not just on how to get rid of the pimple but also on how to get rid of your risks for it. Unfortunately, you can only try but thing can really assure you that you will never get pimples ever again.
Another bad news is that pimples can grew from a simple, almost unnoticeable inflammation to a huge, ugly mark. Yes, there have been records of the biggest pimple. Believe us, you would not want to have anything similar to that 76-millimeter zit that has been documented over the Internet.
What are Pimples?
Pimples are another version of the acne. It is an inflammation or infection caused by dead skin cells and some glands and bacteria being trapped inside the skin pores. The malfunction of sebaceous gland, which excretes an oily substance called sebum, is the main trigger for the onset of pimples. Any obstruction or disturbance to the normal flow or function of the sebaceous gland can set off irritation and in the end, pimples.
People become even more prone to pimples starting at the onset of puberty when the skin becomes a thicker, causing the bacteria to be trapped easily. Unfortunately, since the face on the skin is the most sensitive, it is also most prone to pimples. But it can also appear to other parts of the body including the chest and back.
To get rid of pimples, you need to determine what clogs your pores. Sometimes, a simple solution of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can cure the problem. If there are bacteria in there, a little help from a topical application of triclosan may be required.
There are over-the-counter and prescription medicines available for the treatment of pimples. Your choice depends on your judgment. If your condition seems severe, it might be a better choice to seek the advice and help of a dermatologist. For the biggest pimple, you most definitely need the help of a professional. A prescription medicine that will help you target the roots of your pimples will help cure it before it leads to a chronic problem.

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