How Small are Tweezers?

There are many different tweezers sizes. Some measure 3.8 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches, while others are much longer. While size is an important consideration, so are the material used and the shape. The shape will either be round, slanted or pointed.

Pointed Tips

The pointed types are best suited for taking out splinters, ingrown hairs or hair stubble. This tip provides accurate control to remove the hair. Majority of these devices have a covering to protect the tip. Put the covering on when it is not in use so there is no risk of damage.

Slanted Tips

These are also available in different tweezers sizes. Their main advantage is increased flexibility in plucking hairs. These tools are frequently used for eyebrow grooming. The tip can be utilized for fine hairs.

The slanted section can be used for various applications too. The best slanted types are those with sharp edges. There are some companies that provide sharpening for the tool at no extra cost.

Rounded Tips

These are best suited for coarse plucking. These rounded tips of course, don’t require sharpening. The drawback with these devices is their inaccuracy. For more precise plucking, the slanted and sharp tips are recommended.

Handling and Comfort

Pick the size that is most comfortable to hold. The tool should feel comfortable in your hand. This will make it easier to maneuver. There are also types with longer handles. If you are having trouble with the typical pincer style, look for those with grips similar to scissors. Or you can pick one with wider grips for your thumb and fingers.

It’s also a good idea to buy those made from stainless steel. This will make them easier to clean and maintain. Others have plastic or enamel coating. This should be all right provided the tips are constructed from stainless steel.

Other Types

Optical tweezers employ light to handle microscopic objects. These are not your typical tweezers though; these are used for picking up atoms. The magnetic types on the other hand, are used for picking up DNA molecules. This is made possible by way of magnetic interactions.

The vacuum tweezers are used for grasping objects as small as 100 micrometers. But some variants can be used to hold larger objects like coins, stamps and various electronic objects.

When choosing tweezers sizes, always consider what you will be using the device for. This should help you decide what type to pick.

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