Nebulizer Sizes

A nebulizer is a device that dissipates liquid medication. When the medication has turned into a mist, it will be inhaled in the lungs by way of a mask or mouthpiece.

Nebulizer Dimensions

There are many kinds of nebulizers, ranging from the standard, handheld to special purpose types. The Burgener nebulizers come in several sizes. The PEEK Mira Mist is 67.5 mm long, as is the Teflon Mira Mist. The Trace is 58.4 mm long and the T2002 1/8" long. The Mira Mist – CE nebulizer is 67.5 mm. Other nebulizers come in different sizes.

Purpose of the Nebulizer

The nebulizer is frequently used by those with asthma. However it can also be used by those with other kinds of respiratory problems or cystic fibrosis. Nebulizers and inhalers are similar, but nebulizers are more effective against serious asthma attacks. Another advantage of nebulizers over inhalers is they can provide higher doses.

Besides the different nebulizer dimensions, these devices also vary with regards on how they run. Usually though it is made up of a compressor that pumps the oxygen in a plastic tube to a cup. The cup or container will hold the liquid medicine. After the oxygen is combined with the liquid, it is sent into the mask to the lungs.

The nebulizer treatment should be finished in 5 to 15 minutes. The medication used in nebulizers varies, but most have ipratropium bromide and a bronchodilator. There are some nebulizers with cigarette lighter adapters or batteries. These can be handy when the power goes out or if someone needs the nebulizer while on the road.

Handheld Nebulizers

Handheld nebulizers refer to any nebulizers that are portable. These portable nebulizers function by joining the plastic tube to the face mask or the mouthpiece. The cup is hooked up to the tubing under the mask. The cup is put in the nebulizer cup. The mask is placed onto the patient’s face as the machine is turned on.

There are two kinds of handheld nebulizers: the ultrasonic nebulizer and the jet nebulizer. Jet nebulizers are available in three variants. The most frequently used is the constant output. Another type is the breath-enhanced jet nebulizer. The third variant is the dosimetric jet nebulizer.

The varying nebulizer dimensions mean their weight differ too. The weight ranges from 4 ounces to 4 lbs. Smaller ones use batteries while the bigger ones run on electricity. Make sure you read the product specifications before you purchase the product.

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