Solid State Disk Dimensions

The solid state disk dimensions are determined by the size of the components utilized to create the device. The typical hard disk drives are made around the optical disc by the spindle motor. If the solid state disk is constructed of an interface connector and numerous ICs, the shape can be anything. Many use the HDD form factors. Their rotating media measures 5.25", 3.5", 2.5" or 1.8".

What is a Solid State Disk?

A solid state disk (SSD, solid state drive) is a type of memory storage device that doesn’t have any moving components. These can be used in lieu of the standard hard disk.


The SSD is comprised of memory chips (non-volatile and flash-based). Flash-based denotes that flash technology is utilized to eliminate memory blocks prior to writing it.

For this reason, solid state drives are known as flash drives. The non-volatile drives refer to a disk that doesn’t need power to hold on to its contents. Simply put, data won’t be lost if there is a power outage.

Advantages and Benefits

No matter what the solid state disk dimensions are, they offer several advantages over the typical hard disk. Foremost of which is they are faster than the standard hard disk. SSDs are also capable of withstanding more varied temperature swings. They are quiet and not as heavy as the typical hard disk.

SSDs don’t heat up and very little power is required. For these reasons, SSDs have become popular for cell phones, PDAs, memory sticks and other gadgets.

Other information

SSD lives are based on the erase cycles. The earlier devices came with a million cycles but newer models have much longer cycles. Many of these drives are made for SATA but there are also some SSDs for ATA / IDEs as well. If your computer has the half inch wide cable, the SATA drive is suitable. The IDE drive is for the two inch wide cables.

These drives are available in internal and external types. Internal drives are cheaper. In terms of capacity, common options are 32, 64, and 128 GB. However, the capacities of these drives are always increasing.

The solid state disk dimensions typically use the 2.5 “or 1.8” form factors. However, the technology surrounding SSDs are undergoing rapid changes. To be certain, you should get in touch with a dealer before buying one. This is important because SSDs are more expensive than a standard hard disk.

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