X-ray Machine Dimensions

X-ray machines have become part and parcel of modern society. They are used for scientific research, medicine and security. Different types of X-ray machines are outlined below.

X-Ray Machine Dimensions: Pearling Technologies X-Ray

The machine weighs 21 kg. Including the TV, the machine is 1.70m high, 1.86m long and 0.82m wide (these are overall dimensions). The lower section is 0.92m high, 0.90m long and 0.62m wide. The middle part is 0.21m long, 1.86m long and 0.82m wide. The upper part is 0.68m high, 1.00m long and 0.56m wide. The X-ray tube is fixed anode, 65 – 85KVP at 1mA.

The imaging system consists of a 9” image intensifier, 12” high-res TV monitor and CCD mini camera. The conveyor is 490mm wide with variable speed. The power consumption is 200VA. The unit is made of marine grade and can be used in a variety of environments. The X-ray tube specs are of the industrial type to provide the needed power.

X-Ray Machine Dimensions: Security Pro G3

The camera box (along with the accessories) measures 39 x 34 x 29 cm. The X-ray source is 49 x 38 x 20 cm. The imaging area is 380 x 290mm and the effective pixel measures 752 x 582. The sensitivity level is 400 lx F5.6. The minimum illumination is 0.3 lx (Gain max., F1.4).

The suitable operating temperature is -10°C -45°C. The storage temperature should be -20°C ~ 60°C. The humidity during operation is 20% ~ 80% (if non-condensing). The shock resistance level is 70G and the memory is 64MB.

X-Ray Machine Dimensions: Monochromatic X-ray

The spot size is 20 microns rms and the spot divergence is 25 mrad rms. The beam energy is 25-50 MeV, the bunch change is 1 nC and the accelerator length is 8-10 ps FWHM. The FWHM energy spread is about 1%. 3 mm-mrad is the emittance. The X-ray output specs are as follows.

The energy is 12-50 keV while the flux is 10 (to the 10th power) photons. The bandwidth is 1-10% and the repetition rate is .01 Hz. The energy of the laser is 20 Joules with a wavelength of 1053 nm. The pulse width is 3-10 ps.

X-Ray Machine Dimensions: 300mA Radiographic X-ray

An x-ray of this type usually has a high frequency inverter system for the generator. The filtration is 2.5 mm (Al equivalent) and the heat storage is at least 300,000 HU.

The tube current is 300 mA and the tube voltage is 40-150 kV minimum. The dual focus is 0.8/1.5 mm. The locking device is electromagnetic and movements are vertical, lateral and horizontal.

The X-ray table ratio is 12:1 and the interspacer is aluminum. The control specs are as follows: the line voltage adjustment is 180-260 V. The technique selector should be kilovoltage (kV), time (sec or msec and/or pulse) and milliamperage (mA).

Bear in mind that X-ray machine dimensions and specifications will hinge on their application. X-rays used for researching oysters will be different from those used on luggage. You’ll need to remember these facts if you decide to purchase one.

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