Dog Flea Size

The size of dog fleas is equal to a pinhead. That’s about 1/8 of an inch. Their eggs are about 1/12 the size of aDog Flea full grown flea. While they are very small, these creatures can cause severe problems.

Symptoms and Signs

The primary sign is itching on the dog’s part. Aside from itching, a dog might suffer from hair loss and various skin infections. Some pets are very sensitive to fleas; a single bite will cause them to itch. Unlike other pests, the fleas can be seen around the dog. Specifically they can be seen around the thighs. They can also be found in the stomach area.

How Fleas Affect the Host

The size of dog fleas hides the menace and nuisance they cause. Not only do they infect dogs; they also infest cats, chickens and people. As stated, the primary symptom is itching. The host will feel the itchiness where the fleas are residing in the body.

Other hosts, including dogs, get allergies from the flea saliva. The allergies may produce rashes. In addition, the itchy spot will swell up. There may also be a puncture point in its midst.

A close examination will reveal the bites are grouped together. If left untreated, the infection can get worse after several days. Anemia may result if the condition is left untreated.

Disease Carriers

The small size of dog fleas also masks their potential for harboring diseases. Some species have been known to transmit diseases like fever and tapeworm. This can cause more problems for pet dogs. The fact that these insects can also affect humans is another reason why these insects need to be kept away from your home.


You can use insecticides to eliminate fleas’ eggs and stop their spread. There are many types of flea medication available. However these need to be administered properly.

Some of these medicines (like acetylcholinesterase inhibitors) may have adverse effects on dogs and even people. To be safe it’s better to use products that don’t use acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Just check the ingredients.

Caring for the Dog

No matter the size of dog fleas you see, one thing is certain. One flea means there are several more present in the environment. First you need to use a flea repellant on the animal. A good flea repellant won’t just kill the fleas.

It will also protect the pet by destroying any potential fleas before they start developing. When fleas start growing in numbers, they’ll be harder to eradicate completely.

You’ll also want to disinfect the place by using an insecticide. When shopping for insecticides look for one that has pyriproxyfen. Another effective treatment is diatomaceous earth. You can put this in a shaker and set it in various parts of the house. Vacuum it after a week. It should get rid of the fleas.

These insects can be a real pest. But by recognizing that the size of dog fleas conceals real dangers, you can protect your pet. Keeping your pet free from fleas mean you’re protecting yourself too.

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