Right Hand Ring Sizes


When buying rings, you should know that your ring size for your left hand is not the same as your ring size on your right hand. Why? Because we use one hand more than the other and we put more pressure on one hand more than the other most of the time.

As a general rule, the hand that you use the most has fingers of a bigger size as compared to the one that you don’t use as much. So if you’re right-handed, it is safe to assume that your ring finger here is a bit larger in size, circumference size that is; than your left ring finger – and vice-versa.

Right Hand Ring Sizes

The hand that you use the most, in this case your right hand, will have a slightly bigger ring size; as mentioned above. If you know your left ring size, you can get something that is at least a half-size bigger for your right ring finger.

Typically, there are various sizing standards used in different continents. If you are used to getting ring sizes in US standard sizes and would wish to know their equivalent in other parts of the world, you can use a comparison chart to get your equivalent size.

You can find such charts online.

In the United States, women’s ring sizes are typically between 6 and 8, or L to Q in British and Australian measurements. Men’s ring sizes on the other hand are usually between 9 and 11, or J to W in British and Australian measurements.

In Asia, specifically Japan and China; standard size measurements for rings are from 1 up to 27; while in Swiss measurements, these are around 1.5 up to 28.7.

To get your right hand ring size, simply add ½ inch to your measurement. Measurements in letters also come in half-size increments like L ½ and Q ½. 

Factors that Affect Ring Sizes

The time when you took your ring measurements actually affect your ring size. Temperature, humidity and diet also affect your ring size. For best results, take your ring measurement at room temperature and by the end of the day.

Much like your feet that tend to get bigger in the afternoons or late in the day, your fingers are pretty much the same way. So take your measurements at the end of the day when your fingers are at their biggest size. 

Also, new rings have the tendency to fit a little too snugly in the beginning so it’s okay to get one that has a snug fit instead of getting one that’s a bit loose. Loose rings can easily slip off your fingers without you noticing it.

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