Average Engagement Ring Size

There is no average engagement ring size because the diameters of people’s fingers differ. A jeweler can get your ring finger measured. But you can do it yourself.

How to Measure Ring Finger Size

Wait until it is late night before measuring your finger. During the day, fingers tighten up, making them smaller. Take note of your finger’s center knuckle. You may experience difficulty removing the ring if it is large, so measure it. Wrap a string on the top part of your finger. Hold the siring so it forms a circle. Don’t wrap the string too tight.

Use a marker to note the part where the string’s wrapped part joins up with the string end. Take the string off. Put a ruler on a table. Measure the string’s top up to the marked part. The string must be straightened out so the ruler measurements will be accurate.

The same method can be used to measure your knuckles. This will produce your average engagement ring size. Now you can use a ring dimensions chart to find the appropriate type.


The cost is about $2,500 to $3,500 for every half carat. But several factors will affect the price such as the size of the diamond, clarity and color. Prices also vary if you are going to buy ruby rings or other gemstones.


These rings can be ready made or you can have them customized. You can buy rings in stores. Despite what people say, there is no law saying you have to spend two months’ salary on a ring. You can spend more if you have the money. If it’s too expensive, get a more affordable ring. You can enhance its appearance with a wedding band.

Other Information

Only buy diamond rings that are graded. Buy only from professional jewelers. They will have certifications proving the gemstone is genuine.


The tradition of wearing rings for engagement began hundreds of years ago. During those times people believed that a vein went from the heart to the ring finger. During those times, only the richest people could afford to wear them.

If gemstones were not available, metal bands were used instead. Even today, there are plain bands available. These are popular in some European countries like Sweden and Germany. As time passed, ring designs became more elaborate.

Because there is no average engagement ring size, you need to measure your finger. This ensures you will get the right size.

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