Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, gemstones in the world. The rare ones can fetch several million dollars and the really simple ones can cost anywhere between several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Women have always been fascinated by diamonds and it’s every girl’s dream to own at least one diamond jewelry.

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces in the World

The world’s most expensive diamond necklaces are worth several million dollars and are designed by some of the world’s oldest and finest jewelers.

Heart of the Kingdom of Ruby – Designer: Garrard, Cost: USD14 million

If you have fourteen million US dollars to spare, you can be the proud owner of this diamond necklace. Lying in the center of the necklace is a rare Burmese ruby, heart-shaped and weighing more than forty carats.

Surrounding the heart-shaped ruby are several small diamonds weighing approximately one hundred and fifty-five carats in all.

Diamond Necklace – Designer: Neil Lane, Cost: USD4 million

Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace has earned the second spot for the most expensive necklace in the world. This necklace has pear-shaped and tear-shaped diamonds adorning it.

The necklace has a total diamond carat weight of one hundred and forty and has several strands of platinum chain.

Venus Necklace – Designer: H. Stern, Cost: USD3.17 million

This necklace taking the third spot is adorned with several cuts of diamond: pear, square and cushion. Set on a chain of 18 karats noble gold, its main feature is a fourteen-point diamond star.

Marie Antoinette Diamond Necklace – Designer: De Beers, Cost: USD3.7 million

Part of De Beers High-End Jewelry Collection, the necklace has around one hundred and eighty-one carats of diamonds in all.

It has a pink diamond that is 1.84 carats; 2 yellow diamonds, one weighing 5.24 carats the other weighing 7.06 carats; and a white diamond that is pear in shape worth 8.05 carats.

Fancy-Colored Diamond Necklace – Designer: William Goldberg, Cost: USD2 million

This necklace from William Goldberg has several stones of different colors of diamonds set against an eighteen-karat yellow gold and platinum chain.

Pink and White Diamond Necklace – Designer: Leviev, Cost: USD2 million

Leviev’s diamond necklace has for its main features a rare pink and white diamond with a carat weight of 97.9. The diamonds are Pear Cut and Round Cut set against a platinum chain.

It is said that the designer took over a year to locate the rare diamonds and complete the necklace. Its approximate price is actually almost two million US dollars.

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