Blue Topaz Sizes

Various gemstones are shrouded in folklore and mystery throughout the ages. The ancient Greeks, for instance, believed that when worn as an amulet, the blue topaz has the power to increase physical strength and make its owner invisible when faced with imminent danger. The Romans on the other hand, thought that washing the eyes with water that has been immersed with the gemstone for three days could cure failing eyesight. It has also been reputed in some cultures that blue topaz can transform sterile women into fertile lasses and ugly men into handsome lads.

In these modern times, it is probably best to not rely on the magical powers of this beautiful gemstone because there is also a claim that a topaz that has been thrown in a pot of boiling water can be retrieved with your bare hands and leave your limbs unscathed! Moreover, the gemstone will not make you disappear from sight as the ancient Greeks believed. On the contrary, the large blue topaz sizes that you are wearing will most certainly call the attention of people around you and hold them spellbound with the stunning beauty of your gems.

Along with beryl, topaz is the hardest silicate mineral of fluorine and aluminium and is commonly found in tin-bearing veins, rhyolite, granites and pegmatites. This gemstone typically comes in various colors such as yellow, pink and white. Since it is extremely difficult to find naturally occurring blue topaz, the colorless, pale yellow or gray hued gemstone is heated and irradiated to produce blue topaz, which has become very popular lately and which has been adopted as the gemstone of the state of Texas.

Various blue topaz sizes look very appealing in jewelry such as bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces and goes well with almost any outfit. It retains its hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale despite heat treatment and irradiation making it suitable for everyday wear. However, when performing hard chores or physical activities, blue topaz jewelry must be removed to prevent damage to the stone. Like most precious gemstones that are priced on a per carat basis, some of the best blue topaz could fetch about 500 dollars per carat and prices for blue topaz sizes that are larger than 2 to 3 carats increase exponentially per carat. The price of blue topaz can vary enormously on a per carat basis – the larger the stone, the higher its price will be on a per carat basis and which can fetch a price of up to $1000 per carat depending on the quality.

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