Biggest Diamond Pendant

The biggest diamond pendant is the ‘Crunk Aint Dead’ pendant of recording artist Lil Jon. The jewelry is 6 inches wide, 7.5 inches tall and an inch thick. The pendant weighs 5.11 lbs.

Other Facts about the Crunk Aint Dead Pendant

The jewelry has 73 carats of diamonds. There are a total of 3,756 genuine round-cut white diamonds on it. They are mounted on 18k white and yellow gold. The piece was created by the jeweler Jason in Beverly Hills, California. The jewelry has an estimated value of US$500,000.

Reached for comment, Lil Jon said that he was pleased the Guinness Book of Records recognized the pendant. The rapper said he considered it an honor to be part of the Guinness Book of Records.

Lil Jon also said he grew up reading about those records so he was thrilled to now be a part of it. In response, Guinness World Records Managing Director Alistair Richards said they were happy to include Lil Jon in the book.

How to Choose a Pendant

Even if you are not shopping for the biggest diamond pendant, it is still important that you choose the jewelry wisely. Even if you narrow your search to diamond pendants, there are many other factors to consider.

Shape and Size

Look for the shape you like. Pedants come in virtually every conceivable shape. You can also ask a jeweler to make a custom shape. Remember that the stone will be the focal point of the piece, so choose it well.

Next you have to select the setting. It is matter of personal preference. You should also examine the chain’s length. The stone should fall on the right place on your chest.

Next you have to think about the diamonds. Do you want a single large diamond on the pendant? Or would you like several small diamonds? You can also have a combination of the two; a large diamond surrounded by small stones.


A large diamond doesn’t always mean it is more expensive. The clarity and color will also play a factor. If other stones are included in the pendant, the cost will go up. The type of diamond you choose is also important. Colored diamonds are usually more expensive than fancy or colorless ones.

There is no telling how long Lil Jon will have the biggest diamond pendant in the world. As he himself stated in the interview, it probably won’t be long before other rappers try to come up with something bigger.

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