Most Expensive Diamond Pendant

The most expensive diamond pendant is worth $2.5 million by Tiffany and Co. It is a perfectly cut diamond, shaped like a pear. It weighs 41.4 carats. There are two kinds of diamond necklaces; the true necklace and the pendants.

What are Diamond Pendants?

The diamond pendant is a setting which projects from a chain. The setting can take different forms. It can be ornate or be solitaire. The ornate pendants will typically have several stones.

By replacing the chain, the feel and look of the pendant can be replaced. Pendants can assume different forms. Hearts however, are among the most popular. The diamond can be set into different styles tools.

True Necklaces

The true necklace can be fashioned out in different ways. The difference with the pendant is necklaces are not free-hanging. Diamonds come in various forms. These include chains, chokers, collars and many others.

True necklaces usually cost more than the pendant because they have more stones. These are placed all around the necklace. This isn’t the case with the most expensive diamond pendant.

Ornate chokers and collars are usually worn on special occasions and gatherings. Collars are fitted with large stones.

What is a Pendant?

A pendant is a kind of necklace that is set on a chain. Whether it is a diamond pendant or not, the chain is typically unadorned. Pendants can be purchased without the chains.

This allows you to choose what chains to use with the pendant. There are pendants with a pin back. There is also a loop for the chain. This way it can be worn as a necklace or a brooch.

Pendant designs can be made using gemstones or crystals. The attachment is simple so the jewel can be easily set. Other diamond pendants have more ornate designs.

Aside from the diamond, the pendant may also have gold or silver settings. Other pendants will have diamonds adorned with different jewels. All of these stones will help jack up its price.

Lockets are pendants. Aside from necklaces, there are also pendant watches. While some are diamond, others are just constructed from plastic. Pendants can also be used to show one’s religious belief or affinity. It may also be worn as a good luck charm.

While the Tiffany pendant is the most expensive diamond pendant in the world, it is possible that others will surpass it. It all comes down to how much a buyer is willing to spend for the item.

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