How Big is a 9 Volt Battery

Batteries are essential in running hundreds upon hundreds of many different things, from toys to gadgets like digital cameras; to home essentials such as wall clocks and digital clocks, flashlights, electric razors and toothbrushes; plus many other items.

There are basically two types of batteries: the rechargeable kind and the disposable one. Both these types come in various sizes to fit whatever type of gadget or toy you would need batteries for.

Some of these batteries are more commonly known as AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries.

How Big is a 9-Volt Battery?

The standard size for a 9-volts battery is forty-eight millimeters in height, twenty-five millimeters in length and fifteen millimeters in width. These dimensions are equivalent to 1.9 inches in height, 1 inch in length and 0.6 inch in width.

However, some manufacturers follow their own standard sizes for 9-volt batteries; giving this battery type dimensions of slightly varying degrees.

There are those who manufacture their 9-volt batteries in the following dimensions: forty-eight and one-half millimeters in height, twenty-six and one-half millimeters in length and seventeen and one-half millimeters in width.

Still others use the maximum allowable height of forty-nine millimeters, with twenty-six and one-half millimeters for the length and seventeen and one-half millimeters for the width.

These may seem like very small differences but it could spell a huge difference between having a battery that fits your gadget perfectly and one that is ill-fitting that you may not be able to close the cover securely for the battery enclosure.

This being said, your best option is to take your gadget or toy with you when purchasing your replacement batteries to ensure that they will perfectly fit into the slot reserved for them.


Alkaline batteries of nine volts may have a shelf life of up to six years when unused or used sparingly. A lithium battery on the other hand has a shelf life that is five times longer than an alkaline battery and up to ten times more as compared to a carbon-zinc battery.

Other Battery Sizes

The Triple A or AAA battery comes in dimensions of ten and one-half millimeters in diameter by forty-four and one-half millimeters in height while the Double A or AA battery has dimensions of approximately thirteen and one-half up to fourteen and one-half millimeters in diameter by fifty and one-half millimeters in height.

C batteries are generally around 26.2 millimeters in diameter by 50 millimeters in height while D batteries measure approximately 34.2 millimeters in diameter by 61.5 millimeters in height.

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