Dimensions or size can be defined as a measure of spatial extent especially for width, height, depth and length. In today’s world, practically everything you use daily can be measured. 
Size Matters in Architecture and Building 
The most obvious example would be in construction. Whether you are constructing a building or dollhouse, the size of the materials will be of the utmost importance. 
This is especially true for large scale projects like houses, bridges and other immense buildings. Without knowing the size and measurements, construction will be impossible. Knowing the size of the structure helps determine how long it will take to finish.
DIY Projects and Sizes
Dimensions are also essential in DIY projects. If you go online, you will see that most DIY projects specify the size of the object to be built. In addition, the size of the tools to be used must also be specified. This is understandable.
Suppose you want to create a chair. You can go online and look for guides. But it isn’t enough to just get the materials and instructions. It is vital that you get measurements too. If the DIY project does not specify how big the chair will be, you won’t know how much material to get. 
If you are new to DIY projects, make sure that the guide specifies the tool size if required. For instance, what screw size will be needed? Nails and screws are available in specific sizes. Choosing the wrong one would make it impossible to finish the project. 
Other Areas Where Size is Important
Size is also crucial in many industries. Makers of cars and other vehicles pay close attention to size. The length, depth and height of the vehicle are extremely important. The vehicle must meet the company’s standards for measurement. In addition, countries have certain safety standards that must be met as well. 
How to Take Measurements
Measurements can be taken in a variety of ways. Small objects can be measured using rulers. For larger projects, special tools are used. No matter what instruments are utilized, make sure the figures are taken accurately. There is an old saying: measure twice, cut once. This will ensure that you will not make mistakes. 
In other words, the importance of dimensions cannot be underestimated. It has become an integral part of everyday life. As the facts show, you don’t need to be a constructor to realize how vital it is. It is quite simply indispensable in modern living.

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