How Large is a 10 Degree Sleeping Bag?

The 10 degree sleeping bag sizes are as varied as those of other bags. You will see some with measurements of 90 by 39 inches and 82 x 32 inches. These are the large sizes. If you have a small physique, look for smaller bags so you will be kept warm.

Features and Design

One of the most important is the fill. One of the most common is polyester which makes the bag comfortable. These bags also retain the heat so you feel warm even during cold nights. The bag construction is such that the fill is kept between outer fabric layers.

When a bag uses this approach, the cold spots are eliminated and shifting is prevented. The hood is also important. This will retain the heat over your head. Whichever of the 10 degree sleeping bag sizes you choose, it must have a quality zipper. Some poorly made zippers will get stuck when you try to open or close the bag. Another handy feature is a dust cover for storage purposes.

Why Warm Sleeping Bags are Necessary

Anytime you go camping at night, the temperatures may suddenly drop. It doesn’t matter if it is summertime or winter. The weather these days is unpredictable. With these bags, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep.

The +10 to +35 degrees F rated bags are best for those who camp in the fall and spring. The -10 degrees F rated bags are winter alpine climbs. But remember that the bag minimum temperature specified is only an estimate.


The insulating material is the most vital component in the bag. Your choices boil down to synthetic or goose down. The latter are considered the best due to the warmth to bulk and warmth to weight ratios. Down gives good insulation while remaining light. They are also very durable. The synthetic bags are heavier compared to a down bag with the same rating.

However, the synthetic bag retains its insulating ability even if wet. The same cannot be said for down. If you are going to a wet place, the synthetic materials are probably the better option Otherwise, go for those filled with down.

Apart from the 10 degree sleeping bag sizes, you can also choose from a verity of shapes. The mummy shaped bags are very popular because of their warmth retention. The rectangular bags do not provide as much heat retention as the mummy bags. But they offer more room to move.

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