Photo Frame Size Guide

If you are unsure of what photo frame to try, the following can bePhoto Frame Size used as a guide. This is for general reference; depending on the subject, other frame sizes may be more ideal.

Photo Frame Size: 4×6 to 5×5

For a 4×6 picture, the most common frame size is 8×10. The mat board is 8×10 and the mounting board 8×10. For an 8×10 picture, the frame size is 8×16 and the mat board is 8×16. The mounting board is 8×16.

The 4×20 photo should have a frame measuring 8×24. The mat board is 8×24 and the mounting board 8×24. For the 5×5 photo, the picture frame should be 8×8, the mat board 8×8 and the mounting board 8×8. The 5×5 can also use the photo frame 10×10 the mat board should be 10×10 and the mounting board 10×10.

Photo Frame Size: 5×7 to 6×18

The 5×7 photo can use the 11×14 picture frame, the mat board is 11×14 and the mounting board is 11×14. The 5×7 photo can also use the 12×14 frame while the mat board can be 12×14. The mat board can be size 12×14 also. For the 5×15 photo, the picture frame should be 10×20, mat board 10×20 and the mounting board 10×20.

The 6×9 photo can use the 8.5×11 frame; the mat board should be 8.5×11; the same measurement should be used for the mounting board. For the 6×12, the 11×17 frame is a good choice. The mat board is usually 11×17 and the mounting board 11×17. For the 6×18 photo, the frame is 12×24, the mat board 12×24 and the mounting board 12×24.

Photo Frame Size: 8×8 to 8×32

For the 8×8 photo, the 12×12 frame is ideal. 12×12 is also the measurement for the mat and mounting board. For the 8×10, the frame is usually the 11×14; the mat board and the mounting boards are also 11×14. For the 8×12, the frame is 12×16. The mat board and the mounting board also measure 12×16.

For the 8×16 photo, the frame, mat board and mounting board is 12×20. For an 8×24 image, the frame, mat board and mounting board should be 12×28. An 8×32 image should use a 12×36 frame (sizes for the mat and mounting board are the same).

Photo Frame Size: 8.5×11 to 12×20

For the 8.5×11, the frame size is 12.5×15; for the 9×12 it is 12×16; for the 10×10 photo, it is 16×16 while for the 10×13 it is 16×20. For the 10×15 photo it is 13×19; 10×20 photos can use the 16×26 while the 11×14 photos usually uses the 16×20 frame. The 11×17 employs an 18×24 frame.

The 12×12 photo is best fitted onto a 16×16 frame, while the 12×16 on a 16×20 frame. The 12×18 photo is best viewed on a 16×22 frame and the 12×20 on a 16×24 frame.

There are other photo frame sizes available for the other image sizes and dimensions. Take your time and pick the correct one as it will help bring your picture into greater focus.

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