Worlds Biggest Zit

A zit or pimple is a common skin problem, which is commonly a result of skin pore blockage. Because it usually affects individuals who are in the stage of puberty, it is quite normal to see zits on the face as well as on the different parts of the bodies of teenagers. In worse conditions, it can somehow affect the confidence of certain individuals, which can even result in low self-esteem. With the presence of certain effective medications, this skin condition can be treated faster. Understand it better by knowing the other interesting details about it such as information on the biggest zit in the world.

The Biggest Zit in the World

Based on certain reports, it is possible for a zit to grow as big as a hockey puck, the size of which is close to 76 millimeters in diameter. However, this kind of situation is commonly seen on videos only, which makes the actual nature of such a bump unclear. Some zits can be as big as a dime, the diameter of which is close to 18 millimeters. These situations are quite rare. Common zits can grow as big as 5 millimeters in diameter. Those who have this kind of zit probably have acne, a skin condition scientifically referred to as acne vulgaris. This kind of pimple has lots of fluids inside.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Although greatly discouraged, the practice of popping zits is quite common. Having acne or pimples can be very uncomfortable and irritating. Aside from being unsightly, they cause significant amount of discomfort to people, especially in worse cases. For instant relief, those who suffer from these skin problems often pop their zits. When done improperly, it can actually lead to further problems such as infection, bleeding as well as scarring. Because the healing of pimples takes a longer time to finish, many individuals become impatient easily. When this happens, they tend to pop their zits, which is a quicker and faster way of dealing with the problem.

For those who want to keep their skin smooth when all the zits are gone, it is best to just let them heal naturally. For faster relief to the discomfort caused by pimples and acne, dermatologists highly recommend the use of certain treatments, one of the top choices of which is benzoyl peroxide. This type of over-the-counter drug is available in gel form or cream form. For those who are allergic to this specific kind of topical drug, the top two alternatives are triclosan and salicylic acid.

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