Dimensions of a DVD Box

The average DVD box size is 27.4 x 18.2 cm (for the wraparound cover). DVD BoxHowever the dimensions of the DVD jewel case vary per manufacturer. The following are dimensions you may come across. In some cases the difference between the CD and DVD packaging is very small.

12 CM DVD Case Dimensions

The typical or standard DVD case measures 190 x 135 x 14mm. A slim jewel case measures 141 x 124 x 10mm. Others come in opaque hard clamshell discs measuring 125 x 124 x 4mm. There are also printed DVD cardboard wallets (125 x 125 mm). The DVD clear wallets come to about 132 x 130mm.

8 CM DVD Case Dimensions

When studying DVD box sizes, the colored jewel case is something you’ll come across often. The 8 cm version measures 93 x 90 x 5mm. The clear jewel case also comes up to 93 x 90 x 5mm. The clear plastic wallets usually measure 85 x 89 mm while the hard clamshell is 100 x 84 x 4mm. The DVD aluminum tin dimensions are 110 x 99 x 10mm.

Some companies also let you specify the dimensions and custom make one for you. However the services companies offer will vary.

How to Make a DVD Cover

Open Microsoft Word. Click View, Task Pane. Click the templates link that will take you to Microsoft’s website. Search for “DVD case insert”. Download the template. Check your DVD box size to ensure you have the right figures.

When the download is finished, click File, New. Choose the DVD template. Click the “add text and graphics for front of CD/DVD case insert here”. The text sample disappears.

Go to the Insert menu and put in a clip art or image. Click Insert, Text Box if you want to add some text over the image. Right click the text box to change its colors and other properties. Repeat the process for the back design.

Picking the Right Jewel Case Size

For casual DVD buyers the standard DVD case is sufficient. It’s the one with a clear cover and black tray. This DVD box size allows for a booklet to be fitted in. The standard case weighs 55g. If you need to save space, the slim jewel cases are the better option. The rear can be either black or clear. They usually weigh 42g.

The clamshell disc case offers the best protection. This makes them ideal for distributing discs. However their design doesn’t allow for booklets to be inserted. However, they don’t take up as much space as the typical case. For multi disc sets, the circular aluminum DVD tin is the best choice. 5 DVDs can fit in one set. They weigh 61g.

If you want to make artwork for DVDs, double check the size so it will fit in properly. Also remember that specifications in other countries may vary.

Because DVD technology doesn’t stand still, the DVD box size continues to evolve. The standard today may no longer be in a few months or years, so keep your eyes open.

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