Standard Office Furniture Dimensions

Since you will be spending a lot of time in the office, it is important that you have the right furniture to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible while you work.

Having the right office furniture does not only mean getting the latest designs in desks and chairs. More importantly, it means getting the right size that will fit into your space.

This is why it is always important to consider furniture dimensions prior to purchasing any of it.

Standard Office Furniture Dimensions

Basic furniture pieces for the office are the desk and chairs. There are several types of office desks that you can get and usually, there are chairs specifically designed for each type of desk.


These desk sizes are basically recommended for specific job types.

Telemarketing Desks – These generally measure about twenty-four inches wide by forty-five inches long.

Assistant’s/Secretary’s Desk – This type of desk has general measurements of thirty inches wide by forty-eight inches long.

Sales/Administrative Desk – This desk on the other hand measures approximately thirty inches wide by sixty inches long. The added length allows for more space for documents and office supplies usually needed by Sales Associates and Administrative Clerks or Officers.

Manager’s Desk –
Generally, this desk is just a bit longer than the other standard desks. This has approximate measurements of thirty inches wide by sixty-six inches long.

Executive/Top Management Desks – These come in several dimensions, usually starting at the usual thirty inches width and going up to thirty-six inches by sixty-six inches in length up to seventy-two inches long.

Heights for all the above-given desks start at twenty-nine inches.


Desk Chairs

Basically, desk chairs are around twenty inches in width, nineteen and one-half inches in depth and about three inches thick. The back size is generally around twenty-two and one-half inches wide by twenty-six inches high.

Heights for desk chairs can usually be adjusted and the heights basically start at eighteen and one-half inches up to twenty-two and one-half inches.

Executive Chairs

For company officers, managers, CEOs and VPs; Executive Chairs are usually the ones assigned to them. These measure approximately twenty-three inches wide by forty-eight up to fifty-one inches high by twenty-seven inches deep.

The seats of these chairs are about twenty and one-half inches wide by eighteen and one-half inches deep. For the back, widths are generally about eighteen inches in width and thirty-one inches in height.

Computer Chair

Computer chairs on the other hand typically measure about eighteen inches in width by seventeen inches in depth for the seat while the back size is around sixteen inches wide and fourteen inches high.

Again, these chairs can be adjusted and for this type of chair; height adjustments are usually between seventeen inches and twenty-one inches.

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