Candle Holder Sizes

The candle holder dimensions are influenced as much by the design as to how they will be used. The sizes specified for the candle holders here are just samples; there are many more variants being sold today.

Candle Holder Sizes: Sonodesign House and Innermost Eddy

The Sonodesign House candle holder measures 125 x 90 x 90 mm. The finish is either crackle ceramic or white. The candle holder’s shape resembles a roof so the candle ends up looking like a chimney.

The Innermost Eddy candle holder comes in two versions, large and small. The small version is 150 mm high, 160 mm wide and 160 mm deep. The larger version is 250 mm high, 160 mm wide and 160 deep.

Both Eddy types can hold tea lights and dinner candles. The casing is made from aluminum while the candle holder is glass. The color can be black or silver.

Candle Holder Sizes: Driade and Moooi Bold

The Driade Maurice I is 340 mm high with a diameter of 132 mm. It is a brass candle holder with nickel finish. The Driade Maurice II candle holder is 280 mm high with a diameter of 110 mm. The Driade Flat Twin candle holder is 304 mm wide, 304 mm deep and 320 mm high. Like the other Driade Maurice candle holders, the finish is polished nickel.

The Moooi Bold candle holder is available in three sizes. The Little Bold is 400 mm high, 210 mm wide and 540 mm deep. The Menorah Bold is 430 mm high, 210 mm wide and 770 mm deep. The Big Bold candle holder size is 1050 mm high, 360 mm wide and 930 mm deep.


The candle holder is known by a variety of names: candleholder, candlestick, chamberstick and candelabrum (the plural is candelabra). Before electrical power became widespread, candles were the means of lighting the home.

Although chamberstick and candle holder are now synonymous, this was not always so. The original chamberstick was shorter and equipped with a pan to hold the melting wax.


Aside from decorating the home, a candelabrum is also used in religious ceremonies and meditation. The Jewish Sabbath is marked by lighting two candles on Friday evening. The candle holder sizes vary depending on how many candles have to be used.

The ones used for the Hanukkah can hold up to eight candles. An extra candle is used to light the other ones. The Menorah or 7 branch candelabrum is the symbol of Israel. This was adopted because it was the candelabrum employed in the Jerusalem temple since ancient times. As a rule, taller candlesticks are used in Christian churches.

Besides religious ceremonies, the candlestick is used in other ways. Liberace often put a candlestick on his piano while playing. The candlestick was also featured as a character in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is also a regular fixture in Hollywood period films.

There are now a lot of candle holder sizes to choose from, so whether you need one for religious or decorative purposes, there won’t be a shortage of types to choose from.

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