Chainsaw Dimensions


The chainsaw dimensions are as varied as the other saws. There are 18 inch 4 HP chainsaws, as well as 16 inch, 12 amp models. There are also 14 inch models currently available. 

How to Start a Chainsaw

Step 1

Place the chainsaw on the ground. Make sure the surface is even and the blade isn’t near any object. 

Step 2

Follow the instructions on how to fill the chainsaw with oil and gas. Be certain you put in the right type of oil. In some cases you will have to press the button to get it started. 

Step 3

No matter what the chainsaw dimensions are, make sure to set the choke up. If possible, lock the throttle down. Turn the saw on. 

Step 4

Put one foot on the chainsaw handle. Majority of chainsaws have this feature. If it doesn’t have one, position the handle from you. Point it to the floor. Use your left hand for this task. The right hand has to be free. This is for pulling purposes. 

Step 5

Grab the chainsaw handle using your left foot and hand. Don your safety gear before you start. 

Step 6

Use your right hand and pull the starting rope. Do it once or twice in rapid fashion. Try pulling it again if it doesn’t work. Most will work around the fifth pull. If the chainsaw still will not start, make adjustments. 

Facts about the Chainsaw Chokes 

The choke is in the carburetor. It comes with a button connected to a shaft that holds the flapper valve. The flapper is the choke and works on a pivot. Many choke cylinders are located at the back of the filter. When shut, the choke valve will seal the carburetor. This ensures the air will not be sucked in. 

When you crank the saw and let go of the choke, the air will combine with the gas. If the mixture is correct, the device will operate smoothly. If the saw doesn’t run smoothly, the choke opening is probably not correct.

In this case, you will have to apply some lubricants to keep the chainsaw working. This ought to get the device working properly. If it still doesn’t work, adjust the needle valves on the machine. The valves are used to combine the fuel and air in the chainsaw. 

The chainsaw dimensions cannot be overlooked and neither can the horsepower. Some chainsaws have advanced features that can make the cutting easier.

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