Tabloid Paper Size

The tabloid paper size is 11 × 17 inches or 279 × 432 mm. The size is half that of the broadsheet paper. As the name implies, it is used by tabloids especially in North America. In some cases, the size used may be a bit smaller.

Using Tabloid Paper on Computer Programs

For word processors, you just need to go to the File menu and click Page Setup. There will be a drop down menu with “Paper” or “Paper Size” above it. You’ll see several types there, including letter, legal A4, A3 etc. Choose “tabloid” and click ok.

In some word processors, the tabloid paper size can be changed in the Page Layout menu. The process is basically the same for spreadsheet and desktop publishing programs.

In paint programs, usually you need to create a new file (click File, New). Now enter the dimensions (11 x 17 inches or 279 x 432 mm).

You’ll also need to put in the DPI (dots per inch) and maybe the color type as well. Although tabloid size is usually not used in illustrations, it’s useful to know how it can be set up in case the need arises.

Comparing Paper Sizes

Compared with the tabloid’s 11 × 17 inch / 279 × 432 mm size the legal paper is 8.5 × 14 inches or 216 × 356 mm. Besides the tabloid paper size, the other North American paper standards are the junior legal (8.0 × 5.0 inches or 203 × 127 mm) and the ledger (17 × 11 inches or 432 × 279 mm).

The US also has other standard paper sizes for drawings and documents. These are the ANSI papers. They are ANSI A (8½ × 11 in / 216 × 279 mm), ANSI B (17 × 11 in / 432 × 279 mm; 11 × 17 in / 279 × 432 mm), ANSI C (17 × 22 in / 432 × 559 mm) ANSI D (22 × 34 in / 559 × 864 mm) and ANSI E (34 × 44 in / 864 × 1118 mm).

Printing with Tabloid Paper Size

First you choose the tabloid size in the manner indicated earlier. Now go to the printer options in the program. Click the File menu and choose Print. Go to the “Options” or “Preferences”. Choose the paper type (i.e., glossy, transparency, premium paper etc). When you’re done making the selections, click OK. The printing process should begin.

When to Use the Paper

In all likelihood you won’t be using it much. The standard for everyday office documents is the letter in the US and the A4 in Europe. There is also a paper standard for legal documents (the legal paper).

However, if you’re in the newspaper business, this size is something you’ll be employing regularly. However, it is included in the paper sizes of all word processing applications so there is no need to enter it yourself.

It’s also worth noting that the tabloid paper size is used for printing newsletters which are then folded to 8.5 x 11 size. Some posters are also using this size more often.

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