Baseball Bat Dimensions

The average pro baseball bat size is no thicker than 2.75 inches in diameter at its thickest point.Baseball Bat The length is no more than 42 inches. The weight is usually 1 kg. However different sizes are used in kids’ play.

Baseball Bat Regulations

In high school baseball, the size is restricted to no more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter. The drop cannot go beyond 3 inches. The drop refers to the height without the ounces of weight. That is, a 34 inch bat should weigh no more than 31 ounces. For aluminum bats, its BESR rating shouldn’t go beyond .728.

In Little League baseball the bat diameter cannot go beyond 21/4 inches in diameter. In other leagues, the baseball bat size cannot exceed 2 ¾ inches in diameter.

The fungo bat is utilized for baseball practice. These bats are designed for hitting balls thrown in the air. The fungo bat is typically 35 inches long and the weight is 17 to 22 ounces. The design of the fungo bat makes it ideal for hitting balls consistently. It also makes it easier to get pop ups.


Wooden baseball bats are comprised of ash. Other popular materials used are bamboo, hickory wood and maple tree wood. Hickory is not used as much due to its heavy weight. Maple bats have become more widespread. Maple bats started being used in 1997.
Regardless of the baseball bat size, maple bats have become popular because it is easy to use. Barry Bonds used maple bats to break the home run record in 2007. However, its use is currently under review. The reason is due to its propensity to break down.


Despite regulations, there are several types of individual bat profiles. These are machined produced based on a specific template. Different manufacturers use different templates. After the bat is made, the name and serial number are added. The burn residue is sanded. The colors are either black, white or two tone blue. They can also be stained.

Whatever the baseball bat size, players are allowed to use pine tar to improve grip. Use is limited to no more than 18 inches from the bottom. More variations come up due to competing manufacturers. Within the regulation, the length and style will differ greatly.


The thickest part is known as the barrel. This is the part that is hit by the ball. The sweet spot (where the player likes to hit the ball) is also on the barrel. The end of the barrel is referred to as the tip. The barrel tapers down into the handle. Metal bats have a cloth around it for better grip.

This feature is not present in other wooden bats. The knob is situated right next to the handle. This is needed to keep the bat from slipping. Sometimes, lumber is used to describe a bat. Prior to the 19th century, baseball bats were of different shapes.

The baseball bat sizes are standardized in both the Major league and Little League. In different counties the dimensions may differ slightly.

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