Size of Electronic Safes

Electronic safes sizes are as diverse as their features. Some units measure 9”H X 7”W X 14”D and others are 9 1/4” x 12 1/4” x 7 1/2”. Many products are portable, but some are industrial sized. These devices are also known as digital safes.


Like their manual counterparts, these containers are used to protect documents, gold and other valuable items. Their features vary, but all of them employ a numerical lock to protect the contents. The container is a deterrent not just against burglars, but also fires. In principle, these devices function like the dial combination locks.


These devices have specific features and one should follow the instructions before using it. Generally though, the code is entered into the keypad on the front of the box.

In some models, a special character has to be entered before and after the code is inputted. Once the correct code is entered, the box will open. Most models will have a green, LED light or other indicator that the code entered is right.

While the electronic safes sizes differ, almost all have a limit when to open the handle after entering the code. Even if you enter the right code, you have to open it in x number of seconds. Otherwise, the safe will lock itself. You will have to type in the code again.


Even electronic safes have a key. This will allow you to open the safe in case you forget the code. The key must also be used in case the batteries die. Make sure you don’t lose the key. In some models, the lock is hidden behind the control panel or handle.

Changing Codes

This is usually very easy to do. Just set the safe into reset mode. This process varies depending on the design. In some cases, you have to press and hold the final code digit. In other safes, you have to press and hold the asterisk key.

Others necessitate opening the safe door and hitting a red button. Now you can enter the new code. When finished, press the asterisk key. Other units may require you to enter the new code again.

While the different electronic safes sizes may seem confusing, it is something you need to pay close attention to. Don’t choose one that is an exact fit for your needs. Aside from the capacity, it is important that you assess the safety features.

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