What is the Size of a Crusher?

The word crusher is applicable to any machine that can reduce the dimensions of an object. The object will be either compacted or broken down into smaller pieces.

Crusher Dimensions

Crusher sizes vary, but the specifications of the Zenith PE Series Jaw Crusher should give you an idea how these units measure up. Model PE500x750 has a feeder opening measuring 500×750 mm with a setting adjustment range of 50-100 mm. The maximum feeding size is 425 mm and it weighs 12 tons. It has a motor power of 45-55 kW.

Model PE600x900 has a feeder opening (mm) of 900×600 and the maximum feeding size (mm) is 480. The setting adjustment range is 65-160 mm. It weighs 17 tons and has a motor power of 55-75 kW.

Model PE1200x1500 has a feeder opening of 1200×1500 mm. The setting adjustment range is 150-300 mm with the maximum feeding size (mm) at 950. The weight is 82.5 tons and the power is 220 kW.

The crusher dimensions of model PE1000x1200 give it a feeder opening of 1000×1200 mm. The setting adjustment is 195-265 mm. It weighs 57 tons. The power is 110-132 kW. The maximum feeding size is 850 mm.

Facts about Crushers

Whatever the type of crusher used, it will utilize force to crush, break or compact the objects. Basically, the crushing process employs force transference. This is boosted by other mechanisms.

This means the force will be spaced along the object’s body uniformly. This can be done by putting the object in-between a couple of solid surfaces.

One of these will function as the platform. This will serve as a setting for the object. The other surface is set above the platform and object. This will go down and set force upon the material or object.

The force will compress / crush the object. The upper surface continues to press until the desired reduction is attained.

Uses and Benefits

Crushers can be used in a variety of applications. In households, portable crushers can be used for crushing cans. This allows you to store numerous cans in the trash, saving space. It should be noted that these manual crushers are compact. Their footprint is no bigger than the typical kitchen appliance.

As the facts show, the crusher dimensions used for home and industrial applications will vary. Decide beforehand what you intend to use the tool for. This will make it easier to determine what crusher to get.

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