How Tall is a Redwood Tree?

The height of redwood trees, especially the California redwoods, often reaches over 100 meters. The tallest is Hyperion in Redwood National Park, California. It is 115.55 meters (379.1 feet) tall. The biggest tree ever recorded was the Ferguson Tree. By the time it fell on February 21, 1872, its height was measured at 152.4 meters (500 feet).

How Giant Trees are Measured

There are several ways to measure trees. Many consider the following to be the most accurate. Go to the top and set a weighted tape measure down.

Tallest and Biggest Living Redwood Trees

The heights of redwood trees in this list were obtained using a tape drop or the Criterion 400 laser surveyor.

Next to Hyperion is Helios with a height of 114.34 meters. At number three is Icarus which is 113.11 meters tall. Both are in the Redwood National Park, California. At number four is the Stratosphere Giant in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California (112.87 meters).

The National Geographic Society Tree is at number five with a height of 112.74 meters. The Paradox Tree is at number six, which is 112.59 meters high. The Federation Giant is the seventh highest tree which is 112.45 meters tall.

The Mendocino Tree is at number eight with a height of 112.01 meters. The Harry Cole Tree is the ninth tallest at 111.65 meters. Rounding off the top ten is the Swamp Tree at 110.77 meters.

Other Tall Trees in Recorded History

The following are other giant trees. These are taller than any living redwood trees. But since these trees have fallen or been cut down, it is impossible to verify their height today.

Based on historical records, the Australian Eucalyptus regnans trees were the tallest trees to have existed. The Ferguson tree was of this type. So was the “Robinson Tree” of Mount Baw Baw. Measurements taken by G. W. Robinson, say it was 143 meters (470 feet) tall.

Another Eucalyptus tree was said to be 132.9 meters (436 feet) tall. The T. Rolla Tree reached a height of 124.9 meters (410 feet). The David Boyle Tree which was found at Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne was also large. Measurements taken in 1862 stated it was 119 meters (390 feet) tall.

Historical records of the height of redwood trees show they are not as tall as the Eucalyptus trees. But the Eucalyptus tree dimensions cannot be verified today. Many redwood trees are also heavier and wider compared to those trees.

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