Mahi Mahi Sizes

The size of the mahi-mahi, weight wise, averages 15 to 29 lbs (7 to 13 kg). Few go over 33 lbs, but some do. There are also some specimens that weigh over 40 lbs (18 kg).


The mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) belongs to the genus Coryphaena. It is part of the Coryphaenidae family in the Perciformes order. Mahi-mahi is its Hawaiian name. It is known by other names like lampuka, dorado and rakingo. It should be stressed the fish is not related to the dolphin.


The fish is usually found near the surface and in tropical waters. The fish is also found in subtropical waters and off-shore temperate regions too. The fish can be seen in numerous locations like the west coast of South America and North America.

It is also prevalent in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and off Costa Rica. The fish is also found in Hawaii and around Southeast Asia. The mahi-mahi can also be seen around floating lumber and fronds. The fish also swims near Sargasso weed lines.

Physical Characteristics

The average lifespan is 4 to 5 years no matter what the size of the mahi-mahi may be. The fish has a compressed body. The dorsal fin can go all the way to the span of its body. The fish is also noted for the anal fin, which is curved in sharply.

But their most striking feature is the color. Their back is green and the sides are vivid shades of blue and gold. On the average, the females are physically smaller than the male. The males are also distinguished by their conspicuous foreheads. The females on the other hand, possess a rounder head.

When the fish is out of the water, it will change color frequently. It will settle on a yellow-grey when it dies.


The fish is one of the quickest growing fish in existence. The fish spawn in the ocean majority of the year. The size of the mahi-mahi influences their habitat, with the smaller ones located in seaweed.


The mahi-mahi is a carnivore. It will consume mackerel, squid, flying fish and other kinds of forage fish. Several specimens have been known to eat crustaceans and zooplankton.

As Food

The mahi-mahi can be cooked and eaten. Its taste is similar to other whitefish like tilapia. The fish is served as a dish in numerous eateries. It can also be prepared in various ways. The fish is also valued by sports fishermen due to its physical dimensions and appearance.

Studies show the United States is the biggest consumer of mahi-mahi food. However the demand in Europe and other countries is also growing. Hawaii, Japan and Australia are other countries where the fish is eaten. The mahi-mahi is also caught off the Arabian Sea.

The size of the mahi-mahi and its attractive appearance has made it a popular dish and game fish. Because its population is still healthy, it will likely remain a staple in restaurants for many years to come.

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