How large is a AA Egg?

The size of AA eggs follows the criteria used for the other egg types as specified by the USDA. All the eggs in the US are determined by weighing a dozen eggs.

US Egg Weights and Sizes

The jumbo size refers to a dozen eggs that weigh 30 ounces. The extra large are those that weigh 27 ounces. Those that weigh 24 ounces are labeled large. Medium eggs are those that weigh 21 ounces. Small eggs are those that weigh 18 ounces.

Peewee eggs are the smallest at 15 ounces. An egg is considered AA not because of its size, but rather its quality. Any of the aforementioned sizes can qualify as AA if they meet the criteria.

What Qualifies as an AA Egg?

Whatever the size of AA eggs is, they must meet the following requirements to be included in the said category. The shell must not be misshapen. It has to be clean and unbroken. There cannot be any cracks or stains.

The air cell measurements cannot exceed 1/8 inches. The yolk has to be blemish free and free from impurities. The white has to be firm and clear. Eggs that fall in this category are the best.

Grade A Eggs

These are a notch lower than the AA. The eggs must still be unbroken and clean. The shape has to be normal. The egg has to be clear. It must also be reasonably firm, albeit not as much as the AA type. The yolk must also be free from impurities and flaws.

Grade B Eggs

These are not commercially sold but are used to make dried or liquid egg products. While the egg is unbroken, it may have unusual shapes. There will also be some stains. The yolks are enlarged, flat or dark. The whites are watery.

How Eggs are Graded

The process involves assessing the whites, yolk and shell of the eggs. The examination is conducted as the egg is passed over a white light. This procedure is called candling. The USDA also has a shell grading program that sets regulations, weight classes and other standards.

The AA, A and B classifications are set after the candling process. In the US, the testing is conducted under the supervision of state or federal officials. All commercially sold eggs undergo this process.

The size of AA eggs described here are for the US only. Other countries may use other standards for determining egg quality.

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